The Main News Stories on China in 2020 on NTD | China in Focus - NTD | Dec 31, 2020 (Video)

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Video Intro:

We revisit the top ten China news stories from the year. The CCP, or Chinese Communist Party, virus originated from Wuhan, quickly sweeping across the globe.

Beijing has now been covering up the true situation of the pandemic for more than a year. 

China’s most severe flooding in decades drove millions out of their homes this summer. Food shortages followed the damage.

The US-China trade war prompted foreign companies to leave China. That’s as the country’s economy suffers. But are China’s major, state-run firms too big to fail? 

The Chinese regime takes aim at the wealth of private companies. Beijing appears to be reminding the private sector who’s boss, in a series of power-plays.

And outside China, almost all the country’s southern and eastern border neighbors are immersed in border disputes. Many due to China’s coercive behavior. This year marked a turning point. 

00:00 Intro 00:56 China blankets pandemic 03:19 Severe flooding in China 05:47 Corporations' debt crisis increase 08:05 Forced demolition reaches high class society 10:25 CCP takes over private companies 13:14 Foreign firms flee due to US-sino trade war 14:31 National security law devastates Hong Kong 16:09 China's neighbors dispute border 18:53 World turns down Huawei 21:08 Confucius institutes receive setbacks globally