The Human Being does not yet have the Capacity to believe the Truth | Monique Mathieu | Nov 28, 2020

This transmission was published around Dec 2, 2020.

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The human being does not yet have the capacity to believe the truth


You have told us that all truth would emerge from the well, that all lies would be revealed.

Will this truth be recognized?

“First of all, when certain truths will be unveiled, there will be a reaction that is more than epidermic, there will be a reaction of refusal, these truths will be attributed to “plotters”, like so many beings on Earth love to call them. However, there will be some things that are so different that those who will have refused the truths will be obligated to accept them!

It is not yet the moment, but all can be precipitated, as we have already said, and we will make it so that we “push on the accelerator a little” to use your expression, so that the shock that humanity will experience at that moment can first of all stagger it and can be the shock that will awaken it.

A shock that could awaken it, is the possibility that we show ourselves in a visible fashion through our vessels. We are not speaking about our physical presence, because if tomorrow we manifested ourselves in that way on tv, you would not believe it!

The human being believes in all that is inferior, and has a hard time believing all that is superior! The human being has a propensity to believe all the lies that are diffused non-stop by the medias, but he does not yet have the capacity to believe the truth!

Understand well that if tomorrow some of us presented ourselves to you saying: “We are your Galactic Brothers; we have come to help you. We are here to try to change your world and to help you pass into the inevitable Golden Age”, who would believe them? Many human beings would say: “We are being shown a good science fiction movie!”

Obviously, some would believe it because they would feel our reality, our truth, but even if we placed ourselves beside a well-known president, many would not believe it! This is the problem! Human beings believe in lies and do not believe in the truth!

We will then do otherwise, that is to say in a way that every human being, no matter what he is, will have the certitude that there really is something happening on this little planet Earth.

If we manifest ourselves en masse in your sky, as we hope to be able to do very rapidly, this will be a terrible shock! The shock will be terrible because we are going to say, and we are being generous, that seventy percent out of one hundred percent of the human population does not believe that we will manifest ourselves!

Of course, many of you believe that we exist but we are still so far away for them!

There will be shocks, many other shocks, but one of the shocks that may cause humanity to shift a little would be our manifestation en masse in your skies. This is normally what is planned, but many things will happen well before that!”

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