Dr Vernon Coleman - Vital Information About The Covid-19 Vaccine | Dec 2020 (Video)

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Duration: 18 min

This video was published on Dec 6, 2020.

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"I HAVE NEVER COME ACROSS ANYTHING QUITE SO DISGRACEFUL, SO BLATANT AS THE MHRA, BILL GATES, and PFIZER LINK. AND NO ONE CARES. Have you heard about this on the BBC? Have MP's been shouting about it? Have the papers run the story on their front pages?

Meanwhile the confusion goes on and on . . . "ANY DOCTOR WHO QUESTIONS THE EFFECTIVENESS OF A VACCINE, IS OFFICIALLY AN 'ANTI-VAXXER. If the alleged virus has never been isolated and identified, how have they been able to make a vaccine?

Why is the vaccine said to be better than natural immunity? Why will people need more than 1 dose? Why will they need it every year? It's illegal to ask the questions, so there are no answers."