You Will Have Surprises! | Monique Mathieu | Sep 27, 2020

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You will have surprises!


“Children of the Earth, Brothers of space, Sons of the Light, today the one who has come to you is the one you call Commander Ashtar.

It has been a while since I expressed myself. I am happy to do so today.

Today I am near you to tell you this:

A considerable movement is going to begin in your solar system, because large vessels, that you could consider as mother ships, but a little smaller, are going to place themselves behind the Moon, or not far from it, but some of them will be hidden from the vision of men despite their instruments of detection.

These great vessels will have some work to do in order to constantly maintain equilibrium in the solar system. You must understand that some elements can have consequences on the equilibrium of all the planets that gravitate around the Sun.

We are making sure that the equilibrium is total and that our presence does not provoke any incident in the solar system or in other worlds.

My great vessel, the blue Star or Celestial Star, is not in your Solar system at this time, but it is not far away. Therefore, in a very limited amount of time, if we had to be there for an eventual displacement of terrestrial populations (which is not a part of the program), we could be there in a short amount of time.

You are still for a little while longer in a very somber tunnel, but soon, very soon, you will have great surprises. I cannot speak to you about them today because the moment has not yet arrived.

You must be much more ready to welcome what is going to happen, but know that this will be something very positive for those who will be open, for those who will have left behind them a past that is too heavy to carry and to manage in this incarnation!

You will have some surprises! You will have some coming from men, you will have some over and over in relation to revelations! You are really in the period of the Apocalypse! This word, you know it, means revelations, revelations of all kinds, revelations in a positive sense and in the negative sense of the term.

You will also have revelations in relation to yourself. You will feel different. You will have the capacity to capture, to receive and to integrate the vibratory frequencies in a totally different way from those that you have felt up until now.

At times, you have something like great curves, you will have the impression of being in an ascending whirlwind that carries you higher. If you have the sensation of being pulled higher in a whirlwind, you will know that your vibratory frequency is elevating, that you are changing vibratory frequency and energy, therefore that you are going towards something extraordinary.

Marvelous moments are foreseen for all of the Sons of Light who have invested themselves and who place themselves above fears!

My brothers have told you that this year 2020, which will end soon, will be terrible for some and marvelous for others! You see the terrible, you do not yet see the marvelous that, however, does not correspond at all to what you could define as “marvelous”. The marvelous is what will happen inside you, this is what will be revealed to humanity in the positive and the negative.

At that moment, the human beings who will be sufficiently elevated will be able to understand! They will be able to position themselves! They will finally raise their eyes to the universe! They will accept what will happen in the skies. There will be a total change in their way of living and of being.

Human beings are right now in the darkness of life, and they are still filled with habits and fears. They must succeed in getting rid of their habits in order to go faster and farther in comprehension and in the Ascension!

The word “Ascension” has been poorly understood! To ascend does not mean that you will be removed from your physical reality and, as if by miracle, raised from the earth to go elsewhere! The Ascension is the profound transformation that is going to begin in each of you!

This transformation will inevitably lead you to another level of consciousness, and you will live it in your flesh through a total mutation of what you are, of your atoms and of all that represents life in matter.

This will not happen from one day to the next, because you would be very profoundly disturbed! Everything will go progressively and in a different way depending on the beings!

For some, this will go much faster because they will integrate much more rapidly all that is vibration, Love and the profound transformation of their being of matter, of their psychological being, of their spiritual being and of their energy being.

Therefore, have immense confidence!

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you when, because this is forbidden to me, which you could understand later. But this “when” only depends on you!

Remember this:

If tomorrow all men said: “No, we do not want to be puppets anymore, we do not want to be manipulated anymore, we want to keep our integrity, we want to evolve in fraternity and in Love” the shift could take place almost instantaneously!

Humanity must understand that it is being manipulated by very powerful hidden forces, that without fear these forces could no longer nourish themselves, no longer act and would lose all powers!

If humanity understood the power that is in every human being, all those who lead, whether human or non-human, and even the energies of darkness, would crumble like a deck of cards and all of a sudden humanity would cry out: “Victory! We have won!”

We, your galactic brothers, help you to the maximum so that you can rediscover the freedom that has been taken from you!

We have delegated some beings to be near men who are a part of the Galactic Confederation who volunteered to help the planet, to work near you in matter.

However, the inferior energies are so powerful that we are obliged to bring them back towards us frequently in order to regenerate them; without that they would have some difficulties.

There must be a non-interference in the terrestrial evolution. We are however giving you a huge helping hand without you being aware of it. The Light of Life and of Love that we share are at work!

You are only seeing right now, and it distresses you, the somber light at work, but the true Light is more powerful than it has ever been in this world!

We, your Galactic Brothers are working beyond matter, beyond your planet, we are also investing ourselves in a very big way for the whole solar system because it is in great mutation. Conscious beings are aware of what is happening in this world, including the warming of the planet that does not come from pollution as you are made to believe.

The warming of the planet takes place on all the planets of your solar system. The Sun is also in the process of mutating. All is mutation, in transformation, whether it is in your solar system, or whether it is in all the galaxy and in other galaxies.

We have told you and I repeat it: you are experiencing, and we are experiencing the greatest mutation that has ever happened in this Universe!

God, the Father-Mother has decided to transform His Creation, to improve it in a considerable way. All that is obscure is going to be enlightened with an extraordinary Light!

There are several universes and parallel universes, but in our universe all will change. This universe must be strong because there could be some interferences with these parallel universes that are still rather harmful for the universe in which you live. I will not develop this subject today.

I have simply come to speak to you about all that is happening on your Earth and about all that is happening outside of your Earth.

I have also come to tell you that the inner Earth, that is to say where the four levels of vibration are found, is in the process of moving considerably, which profoundly disturbs what you call “the reptilian humanities”. Many reptilians are going to leave the planet to try to return to other spheres where they think they can harm more and more!

Since the beginning of time, it has been the warriors who have always been in battle, a battle against beings, for domination and power. They have been invested in this world for hundreds of thousands of years. They have come in colonies. Some have gone away; others have been annihilated. These are predators!

However, in his Love, God the Father-Mother wishes for all of these unfriendly beings, these relatively evil beings, these warriors, to be able to evolve. The Creator of all Life wishes that all that he has created in this universe, from the evilest beings to the most radiant, be able to feel His Divine Presence.

The Reptilians and those whom you call “the Greys” (and there are more and more that you do not know and that we will not name), have not yet understood what Love can represent, what devotion, fraternity, joy, etc. can represent. They will be given, as you could say, “a second chance”. They will be given the possibility of evolving considerably where they are.

Brothers of the Earth, Sons of the Stars, Sons of the Light, your world is in profound mutation, and each of you is also living this profound mutation. Your molecular structure is going to change. Your carbon structure is going to become more and more crystallin.

I remind you what “crystallin structure” means; your structure will not become crystal! It will have a much more elevated vibration, a crystallin vibration. The carbon structure is very heavy, the crystallin structure will vibrate much higher and the sound that it will emit will be marvelous.

Therefore, tomorrow will be obviously a day of liberation for you, Children of the Earth, Sons of the Light, a day of liberation for all life that accepts this liberation!

Those who will not accept it will live it or leave this world in one way or another, but if they live through it they could be teleported to a solar system that is found at the other end of your Universe”.

He is showing me this, but it is difficult to explain; it is a solar system that remodels souls. They are transformed to improve their consciousness.

He is telling me:

“From the moment that all life expresses itself, it has a conscience! That conscience is different depending on the beings, depending on the kingdoms, but all life has a conscience since the conscience is the Divine Part in every particle of life.

I also wanted to tell you this:

Be confident, even in this tumult, even in this incomprehension! Do not enter into this dance! Try to extract yourself to the maximum from what is imposed on you! Do the minimum to be able to live in this stagnation, among these incoherencies that, I specify, will not last much longer!

May each of you reclaim what he really is!

May each of you rediscover yourself inside!

May each of you learn to say “No”, learn to rediscover freedom inside, learn to rediscover his own sovereignty!

May each of you learn to dominate the fears that not only weaken you but prevent you from seeing your own Light and the Light that shines around you!

For this, once again, Children of the Earth, Brothers in the Light, Sons of the Light, we are sending you a vibratory frequency that will help you to go beyond fear, to fight in a way this fear that can bring down the world.

We are activating ourselves! We are near you! We love you infinitely, with a Love that you cannot yet understand, because the Love that we send you is essentially a vibratory Love. It is not the affective love that you know and experience, it is a vibratory Love that makes everything that is in you vibrate to lead you to something else, towards your future.

The Universe sends you this vibratory Love in a permanent way, and we, your Galactic Brothers, Sons of Universe, Sons of the Light just like you, we are also working to send you this Love constantly.

Before leaving you, I say again:

Today you, Children of the Earth, have chosen incarnation in this world, but you all belong to other worlds. Like us, you are time travelers, space travelers! Many of you have chosen this very particular period to incarnate in order to be able to bring the maximum of what you are in knowledge, in Love, in joy and in fraternity.

Now I say goodbye! I send you all of that Love so that it makes you grow, so that it liberates you!

Be blessed!”

© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu