The Great Book of Knowledge | Monique Mathieu | Sep 18, 2020

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The Great Book of Knowledge


In front of me is the Great Master of Wisdom. Open before him, there is the Great Book of Knowledge.

He is telling me:

“Children of the Earth, you are living through a very specific period in your evolution. In this current era, every human being who has the will to do so can read in the Book of Knowledge. Every human being can rapidly awaken to a superior consciousness.

Even if the Book of Knowledge is open before them, many beings will not be able to understand the profound sense of what I have to tell you.

Some beings will interpret it with what they are, with their knowledge that is sometimes limited, whether it be human or spiritual, and also with their personality and their ego.

He is showing me a beautiful book. On the first page, it is written:

“Child of the Earth, confidence!”

On the second page, it is written in large letters:


Comprehension and analysis of life.”

On the third page, it is written in capital letters:


On the following page, it is written in somber letters, and the letters “run”, which gives me a strange impression:


He is telling me:

“Fear blocks humanity, fear can dominate humanity, fear is the lowest vibration that you have to live with in your incarnation.”

Another page turns, and I see much Light. It is written:

“He who has confidence and faith, he who has faith in himself, he who has the courage to see life, will see the Light.”

On another page it is written:

“He who has confidence in what life represents and considers life in this world as just a small passage, not only will see the Light but will be able to radiate this Light.”

On the next page, it is written:

“He who is aware of his mission, that is to say to reveal to others and to himself what is most beautiful in him, the Light and Love, not only will be useful to the Plan but will find his own path in the Light despite the shadows that surround him.”

He is telling me:

“Once again, you are living through a key period in the evolution of your world. An imperative choice must be made by each of you, that of situating yourself in relation to yourself, in relation to the life that surrounds you, in relation to what you can offer.”

It is written on the following page:

“You often ask for help to be able to advance to your Brothers in the Light, to God the Father-Mother, and you forget to ask help from the marvelous being that you are, from that superior consciousness that is found in the deepest part of yourself, even in your humanity.”

On another page is written:

“Being of Light, Son of the Light, learn to know yourself!

Learn discernment!

Learn to let go!”

On the next page it is written:

“True letting go consists of simply accepting life as it presents itself to you every day, to avoid opposing any resistance to the experiences of life.

True letting go is also to definitively turn the page on all that you may have lived and been up until this day.”

I am reading on the following page:

“Respect life! Respect the life in you, respect the life all around you. Respect is a part of Love.”

On another page is written:

“Child of the Earth, the life that you lead right now is not life! You must understand this! You must create the true life in you so that you will be ready to live it “after”.

You will be ready to live this “after”, that is to say the Golden age, if you are aware of what you are, if you have awareness of the immense Love that dwells in you.

The Light is there! The Light is going to enlighten all beings, it is going to awaken even those who are in deep sleep.

Of course, many beings will have the capacity to refuse to see the Light, but they will feel such suffering that they will be obliged to open their eyes to the Light that will enlighten the new world, your new world.”

He is telling me:

“Today there would be so many things to tell you, so many things to mark in the Great Book of Knowledge, that I could speak more and more.”

He is telling me this that is very important:

“The Book of Knowledge is in you!

Very often you seek treasures on the outside that are inside of you. Why is this? Because you do not have confidence in what you are, because you do not have confidence in the Divine Being that inhabits you!”

I see another page and then another page, and there is nothing written on them!

He is telling me:

“It is you who must write in the Great Book of Knowledge on the pages where nothing is written!

For the moment everything appears obscure before you. It suffices simply for you to be aware of enlightening this obscurity for everything to change and that your life, even if you are living in this obscurity, becomes luminous.”

He shows me more and more empty pages, and all of a sudden, I see a magnificent page.

This page is totally luminous and written there is:


I feel this word as if it were alive, as if it radiated its own Vibration.

On another page he is showing me something totally different; he is showing me the new humanity.

“This new humanity that you, Son of the Light, is in the process of creating unconsciously.”

I see some very beautiful beings: I have the impression that the beings I perceive have been restructured physically. They all radiate a Light that is a little white, like an aura.

The Master of Wisdom is showing me some scenes of life where all the beings are serene. I see some people on a square. They are communicating but without speaking! I do not see any movement on their lips. They exchange with another capacity: telepathy.

I see others who are singing, and the songs emanate sounds in perfect harmony.

He is telling me:

“What you are seeing is the world of tomorrow! You must understand that before the world of tomorrow there will be more tribulations, but it will be necessary that many awakenings take place.

I have shown you several white pages that represent what you are living right now, that is to say total confusion in which humanity is plunged.

In confusion, nothing can be written in the Book of Knowledge! All that can be written must be in equilibrium, in consciousness, in truth, and in liberty!

This is a necessary passage, this is the “black work” before passing to the white, that is to say that all that is obscure must express itself before the Light can totally enlighten the conscience of men.

Son of the Light! The Light will soon enlighten the conscience of men!

Sometimes it takes a great storm for nature to be reborn, for the vegetation and the flowers to express life in the best of ways.

Concerning humanity, it is the same! Sometimes a big storm must break out so that humans can understand who they are and where they must go. You will go through a storm and it is not over. When it will be, humanity will awaken. It is going to open like a magnificent flower in beauty, serenity, joy, and Love.

Therefore, it is up to each of you to write your own life on the blank page. No longer consider all that has been experienced, because what has been experienced will never be again!

During your meditations, try to create your own Book of Knowledge. Try to write all that you wish to realize inside and around you in it.

Every day turn the page of your own Book! It may happen that all of a sudden, you see an extremely luminous page upon which is written the word “Love”! Even if it is not you, at the level of human consciousness, that has written on this page, it is what is superior in you that will have written it.

Humanity is going towards a marvelous future! You must keep this in your consciousness all the time! You must always have hope! Hope is a marvelous Vibration!

I know that this hope is going to grow in you!”

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