The Golden Age is Approaching | Monique Mathieu | Sep 16, 2020

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The Golden Age is approaching


“We can very well understand that humans have doubts.

We can very well understand that you only perceive the obscurity in life for the moment that is unveiling itself in broad daylight, all of the dregs, all that was decaying and that is rising to the surface, but be certain that we are activating ourselves much more than you think!

You cannot see our work in the same way as you perceive the work of the somber light, but know that you could see it through those who fight with all their forces this somber light and their gigantic manipulations.

We will give more and more force to those who are there to help the Earth so that it rediscovers its balance, to help men so that they awaken, so that their veils, whether they are symbolized by masks, by fear or their lack of willpower to understand and to awaken themselves.

We will do all that we can but there are still some things that must be accomplished, and they will be accomplished! It is not possible to build a new world on shifting sands! Your civilization is on shifting sands! How do you want to rebuild something sound, clean, or marvelous on something rotten, that has no consistence, that has no foundation? Everything must be revealed and also the predators, no matter what they are, must be annihilated.

Therefore, we ask you for a little more patience. The real plan is in the process of being accomplished!

We have already said that 2020 would be horrible for some and marvelous for others. Therefore, obviously, between the horrible and the marvelous, there will be a moment of interrogation, a moment of doubts, even a moment of reflection, a salutary moment, a moment that has been given to humanity so that a maximum of beings direct themselves towards the Light and Love, open their hearts to new vibrations, open their consciousness to a new existence that is promised them.

We can guarantee you that the Golden Age is approaching, but all that is somber has not yet manifested itself.

We have told you several times, and this for many years now, that before the Golden Age can begin, there would be a profound transformation of society with departures in masses. The profound transformation of society is in the process of accomplishing itself.

The only thing that we ask you, is to remain in total confidence and to keep your inner freedom, because this is very important!

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by fear! We know that the current fears are not touching you, but there will be more and more fears, fears that you will be obliged to dominate. They will not be the same fears, they will be different, but when the moment comes where you will be a little subjected by fears, do not be afraid, we will be there!

All of the evil beings who manipulate obedient human beings who are much more easily manipulated than you due to their failing, their avidity for power, money and their squalid pleasures will not have much more time to live!

There will be a moment where all will shift. When this comes, it will be sudden!

In the same way that you have experienced being closed up in your own house, the confinement, and the manipulations, other events even more important will manifest themselves on your Earth, events that you can perceive, hidden from you right now but which will be felt and visible in a future time.

For the moment, what we are telling you is not yet in your consciousness, you cannot apprehend it, but many things will go extremely fast.

We are going to particularly protect all the beings who serve us, all the beings who have the courage to denounce the manipulation of human beings.

As much as the somber light protects its own, the Light and Love also protect their own!

Be confident, all is going to accelerate! Between now and the end of the year some events will occur; they will be the consequence of the election of the President of the United States. All will shift in one sense or the other at that time.

We will do our maximum to help, but the evil forces, the forces of the somber light are very powerful in this world because they are aided by forces that are not of this world.”

They are showing me some sticky, black clouds that nourish themselves on suffering.

They are telling me this again:

Do not forget that the Light and Love will always win! This is a part of the accomplishment of the plan.”

They are also telling me:

Your mission at the level of the combat between the Light and the somber light will be more and more important.

More and more beings will come to you to be reassured, to be comforted, to be taught.

Some parts of the world will be subjected to the anger of the Earth, the terrible duality between human beings and violence.

During your meditations, when you are in contact with what we are, in the silence of your heart always ask for peace in this world, so that a maximum of human beings can awaken and go towards the Light.

The somber light and the evil beings can never combat Love! Love is an invincible weapon! This is your force!

You must develop this force more and more. Love and the Light are the greatest weapons against the evil ones!

You are already experiencing the events…You have been impatient to have been there, now you must be impatient to get out of them!

All of your parameters of existence will be different in relation to what you are experiencing right now, and you must not wait decades before everything changes in this world.

If nothing changed on the side of the Light, this would be total chaos and we could not accept it! Therefore, you my human brothers, Children of the Light and us, must work together, everyone must do his part to develop the Light and Love inside, everyone must do his part to help with the coming so that there is, as you say, the least “damage” possible on this planet.

There will be difficult moments, some moments where you understand existence less, the relation with others, the inequitable laws, but this will not last for as long as you think.

Do not forget this: all of a sudden, there will be another curve, some important changes in your civilization and on your planet! These will not be vibratory changes, even though those favor changes. This will be something that every human being can perceive, feel, and must get beyond to accept the inacceptable. We are speaking essentially of all those beings who have served the evil ones, sometimes without being aware of it, in good conscience, of all those who are profoundly asleep and who could awaken brusquely. At that moment, it will be a shock for them!

For you it will be a liberation, an immense joy! You could probably experience it in this incarnation, but everything depends on the time taken for the accomplishment of the plan!

We are hoping that this goes very fast, but this depends also on you because you are the artisan of your future; your life belongs to you, even if others wish to totally deprive you of freedom!

Again, have confidence and faith! Continue the beautiful work that you are doing!

We cannot give the moment or the dates! This will depend on global events; this will depend on many things!

We will help you individually, personally, as much as we can, but you must keep the faith, you must stick to your line of life, remain confident and continue to develop the immense Love and the beautiful Light that is in you! This way the beautiful Light will radiate!

May our immense Love inundate you.

We love you infinitely, we protect you. Be blessed.”

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