Taygeta - Pleiades | Solar Flash - Galactic Waves | Anéeka and Dale Harder | Oct 15, 2020 (Video)

Cosmic Agency (Gosia) had been publishing many videos regarding The Federation (otherwise known as the Galactic Confederation) for the past 6 months or more. I have avoided sharing these videos because I do not resonate with the way the intentions and actions of the Federation have been portrayed.

The updates have been primarily from Yazhi Swaruu de Tesherit and from Aneeka of Temmer. The way the content has been covered has been disappointing for me personally due to many reasons.

One of the reasons has been in the way words, terminology has been distorted perhaps unintentionally by Gosia. For example by often stating that the Federation also wanted to implement a New World Order, without giving due credence to the term the New World Order which has been specifically used to refer to a negative timeline that was planned by the The Cabal/the Illuminati/the Globalists and the regressive ET physical and non-physical races behind them (the Draco, Reptilian and Archonic forces).

So if the Federation felt that the one of the ways to unite humanity was to implement a one-world type of system of governance, using the term New World Order instead to describe this new system, immediately brings in a negative connotation (viz the NWO planned by the Cabal).

The 2nd factor governing the decisions of the Federation is the collective desire of the Human Collective. So if the majority of humanity still wants to live in fear and ignorance and do not believe that they have individual sovereignty and the power to create their own reality, then allowing a negative timeline to manifest based on the majority of humanity, does not make the Federation complicit or equivalent to the Cabal. The Federation is only respecting the free will of humanity. But in many videos on the Federation this fact has not been made implicitly clear or elaborated upon, leaving the average viewer with a negative impression of the Federation, almost as if they were the same as the Cabal and were working against the interests of humanity or worse keeping humanity locked in the regressive 3d matrix reality.

(I am optimistic about the above scenario though. There are so many individuals around the world who are awakening and questioning the current manipulated reality. So I see a critical mass of humanity choosing a positive timeline and turning towards the Light).

Since there is so much conflicting information on the Internet, I think it is prudent to be explicitly clear in stating an argument and not be indolent about clarifying the complete picture.

Another thing was the impression been given of scapegoating the Federation for humanity's current plight and forgetting all the enlightened teachings and message from Swaruu (in all the initial videos) that we were each responsible for the creation of our own reality.

My final grievance has been the fact the opinions on the Federation were being presented by a few individuals from the Taygetan race, who are primarily in a 5th density state of consciousness and evolution. And what they were presenting was their own opinion and perception which could be colored by their own prejudices or bias.

By the Taygetans' own account the Federation is made up of nearly half a million ET races. So it the word of one race (Taygetans) against so many more (primarily the representatives of the other races who are in the Federation). The other races of the Federation have not been given an opportunity to defend their own actions and intentions.

In conclusion, I think it is important that we each use our intuition and higher guidance when looking at any information, channeled or direct transmitted. There is no absolute truth. This is even more relevant in the current timeframe of 2020.


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This video was published on Oct 15, 2020

Let´s talk about solar flashes and galactic waves, and if/how they affect human consciousness. It is a short conversation between Anéeka, Dale Harder and myself. Enjoy!

Voice of Dale Harder - Dale Harder himself.

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