Pleasant Surprises | Monique Mathieu | Oct 2020

Pleasant surprises


“You have worked well to elevate your consciousness, and this allows you today to really be above the manipulations; in addition, you are very useful to the plan, because by transforming yourself, by opening yourself considerably to another consciousness, you will be useful to yourself, you will be useful to the plan, but not the plan established by the obscure, to the plan of Light established for this planet, for the Solar System, etc.

Those who have really awakened and who work with and for the Alliance, who work for the awakening of this world, will have considerable aid from that Alliance of which we are also a part.

The Alliance is in the process of putting together a plan of tearing apart all of the schemes of the somber light in order to block its plans, to liberate more and more true information, to liberate more and more the consciousness of the journalists, etc., who incessantly send out flows and flows of information that is simply manipulation. They are themselves manipulated!

You must not have any inferior consideration towards all those who manipulate or who are manipulated, because we can tell you that all of these beings are asleep! Those asleep include doctors or those who are a part of the medical profession, those in education, politics, philosophies, all those who have a little responsibility in the management of the world (we are not talking about your little France, we are talking about the world in general).

All of these beings will be helped to open up, to awaken, and for some it will be very difficult because they will become aware of how much they themselves have diffused false information constantly and to what point they have served, without being aware of it, the powers of the somber light. When we speak of the “powers of the somber light” we insist upon the word “powers”.

The breech that has been opened between the universe of the somber light and that of the true Light is in the process of closing. Therefore, in just a little while, there will no longer be an intrusion of totally evil beings. They are evil for you, because in their universe, they are what they are, very simply!

Concerning France and the world, expect, by the end of this year, for some more “turning of the screw”, as you say on Earth. There will come a moment, without you knowing why, where the fire that was started under the immense cauldron will go out, that is to say without really knowing why, things will shift in your world.

The real truth will come to the surface as if, by a magic wand, those who have an influence over people, those who are listened to on the medias, will change their optic, will change their truth, and in a certain way will turn against their sponsors, against those who finance them, because they will have understood that money is nothing. We do mean: “money is nothing”!

Unfortunately, in your current life, you need it! However, a moment will come when your money will no longer serve anything, if it is perhaps to be regarded with a little regret, a little compassion for the difficult moments where you were subjected to its reign.

Money will disappear from this world with those who used it abusively, with those who, through and because of money, have manipulated not only humanity but the entire planet!

You are currently living the Golden Calf: always more, always more, and always dissatisfied! There are all of the great beings on Earth who are immensely rich who are “addicts” of money and power. They can do nothing with it because if they possess billions and billions, can they spend it all in one lifetime? It is simply an addiction to power and as in your society power is given by money, the addiction to money leads automatically to addiction to power, no matter what it is!

All of this must end!

We will speak again of the year 2021 which will be a year even more extraordinary than the year 2020 which is practically over. We will not say that there will not be turbulences! There will be some, but they will be different from those that you may have experienced and seen around you up until now. This will be something else, because in 2021, as much as you may see the somber light in action, you will also begin to really see the Light absorb the obscurity little by little, no matter where it is.

The year 2021 will be much more in the equilibrium of the established plan for planet Earth. However the shadow will manifest itself again, since the immense Breath, that you could call the Divine Breath, will not yet have blown under the cauldron, therefore the flame which had been lit a little will not yet be out.

The plan of the Light understands all the beings, like you, who have positioned yourselves, who have become aware of another truth than what people would like you to hear, whether it be the issuers of alert, the spiritualists or simply beings who try to offer their Love to the planet. From everywhere, there will be a convergence of vibrations of Love, convergence of the power of Love and the Light.

Therefore, in 2021 things will really put themselves into place! It could be that the year 2021 sees the great shifting. We say “it may be” because even if certain things are foreseen, they are still in the ether, they are not yet in the concrete realization of things, because there is always a question mark in relation to the behavior of humanity, and because the somber light seeing itself being driven back can go to the extreme!

We will make sure that it does not go to the extreme, that is to say to destroy the world! They cannot destroy the cauldron but destroy the beings who are in the cauldron! Obviously, we will not permit this but there could be, here and there, some real catastrophes caused by all the beings who wish the destruction of humanity and of civilization as it is right now.

What we are asking you, is again and again to let go, to not focus on what is said, on what you see, whether it is in your cities with people who are unfortunately submitted to the dictates of your leaders who govern nothing, but who are there like puppets directed from those higher than them, by the forces that they are not even aware of!

You, Child of the Light, Son of the Light, will be judged in relation to your actions, your thoughts, your generosity, in relation to your Love. If you follow the teachings, it is because you are open, it is because you have opened your heart, it is because you have not allowed yourself to be manipulated! We guarantee you that if you continue again and again in this way, on this path, you will have marvelous recompenses!

We have told you: 2020 will be terrible for some and marvelous for others. Obviously, in 2020 as in 2021, all will not end on December 31st! There will not be a date of limit where all will stop! For us there are no dates! We give you dates that you know, but they spread over months and can spread over years. However, this will not spread over years!

You will receive the recompense for all of the work that you have accomplished on yourself, for all of the openings of consciousness, for all of the veils that you will have removed little by little. You will also receive this recompense in relation to the opening of your heart.

It will not be a recompense like you may think, we are not offering you a gift! You will feel a recompense first of all inside with joy, some moments of serenity and of Love that you have not yet understood, felt, or experienced.

You will also receive the recompense that many of you are waiting for: to see your Galactic Brothers! First of all, they will manifest themselves, and we repeat it again, in the sky. Many human beings will not want to accept what they will see! They will think of the making of films. They will always have a poor excuse for not believing. Humanity has always had a poor excuse for not believing in the truth!

The great professors, the great doctors, etc., give the alert, but a part of humanity does not want to hear it because this does not correspond to its level of consciousness. It prefers to hear what corresponds to what it is!

Men have been nourished by fears for a number of months, and some will follow the beings with whom they are in resonance; many human beings cannot imagine for a second that the government leaders, the politicians and the religious leaders, no matter who they are, could lie to the people! This is being very naïve to believe that, but human beings are naïve and fragile, especially those who are not a little awakened!

Therefore, you will have some pleasant surprises, but they will come especially from what you will feel inside.

You will feel more and more different!”

© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu