Why Do We Need Quantum Mechanics? | Quantum Mechanics Course, Part 1 | Dr. Brant Carlson (Video)

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Video direct urlhttps://youtu.be/xnt2xSNRNn0

Duration: 8 hrs 😁

This course was given in Carthage College, Spring 2013 and this video was published on this channel on Jun 25, 2019.

Author: Brant Carlson

Video Notes:

Quantum mechanics (QM; also known as #quantum #physics, quantum theory, the wave mechanical model, or #matrixmechanics), including quantum field theory, is a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.

In this course you will get exposed to the following topics of Quantum Mechanics in details:

Introduction to quantum mechanics (0:00)
The domain of quantum mechanics (16:21)
Key concepts in quantum mechanics (28:00)
A review of complex numbers (37:00)
Complex numbers examples (1:05:00)
Probability in quantum mechanics (1:18:00)
Probability distributions and their properties (1:29:00)
Variance of probability distributions (1:55:00)
Normalization of the wavefunction (2:9:00)
Position, velocity, and momentum from the wavefunction (2:37:00)
Introduction to the uncertainty principle (3:04:00)
Key concepts of QM, revisited (3:17:00)
Separation of variables and the Schrodinger equation (3:31:00)
Stationary solutions to the Schrodinger equation (4:03:00)
Superposition of stationary states (4:23:00)
Potential functions in the Schrodinger equation (4:54:00)
Infinite square well (particle in a box) (5:16:00)
Infinite square well states, orthogonality and completeness (Fourier series) (5:37:00)
Infinite square well example computations and simulation
Quantum harmonic oscillator via ladder operators
Quantum harmonic oscillator via power series
Free particles and the Schrodinger equation
Free particle wave packets and stationary states
Free particle wave packet example