Unhealthy for Human beings and Catastrophic for the Future | Monique Mathieu | Aug 30, 2020

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This transmission was published around Sep 1, 2020

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Unhealthy for human beings and catastrophic for the future


My question concerns the screening tests that are proposed more and more to citizens of all countries.

I find the length of the swabs that are inserted with force into the nose a little suspect. Can this method of screening cause irreparable damage in individuals and even serve something else?

Can you speak to us about this?

Yes, of course! We can tell you this:

Above all, do not allow yourself to be tested with these swabs! They are not only unhealthy for human beings but catastrophic for the future!

There are other possibilities for testing! You do not know the damage this test can cause to your brain!

These swabs touch a sort of membrane that protects the brain. Those who conduct the test turn these swabs (besides, it is not necessary to twist them around, it suffices to take a sample). Doing this, they attain that protection.

Those who conduct the tests are not conscious of the act they are committing.”

Our Galactic Brothers are showing me something difficult to explain: in some tests there are very, very negative things for human beings, because they will cause very important cerebral problems and also viral intoxications.

“Therefore, we ask you not to be tested in that way. You can be tested by a saliva sample or a blood test.

This way of doing the test is another way to annihilate the willpower of human beings and to destroy them little by little.

A thousand and one ways are at the disposition of the somber light to wipe out a part of humanity. Besides, this is their objective! Some do not hesitate to say it. When a certain being (we will not name him but you know his name) says that he wants to eradicate a part of humanity, no one is hearing him, because men cannot imagine that this could be possible or true, except those who are awakened. However, it is possible, and it is true!

We are advising you therefore to not be tested in that way! There are other means of being tested! Besides, these tests serve nothing, unless it is to nourish fear again.

Fear had begun to dwindle a little because there have been fewer people hospitalized, therefore those who work for the somber light have found another means of re-alimenting the process of fear for more domination. They test again and again and this is very, very bad!

Some make the tests in a way that is less dramatic while others make them in a more dangerous way because they do not necessarily know that this will be harmful to human beings.

Therefore, avoid, avoid this type of test!!!...


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