The Masks will Fall! | Monique Mathieu | Aug 29, 2020

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The masks will fall!


“Prepare yourselves! Prepare yourself to remain stable! Prepare yourself to integrate, and this is very important, new vibrations, a profound and total transformation of what you are as a living being in matter and as a spiritual being. Prepare yourself, you will be shaken up!

You have little problems in your body. They are participating very greatly in a great mutation. Other phenomena will upset you. You will feel great fatigue that could momentarily overwhelm you.

Listen to your body, and above all, no matter what you feel as strange, have no fear! From the moment that you have chosen your camp, that is to say that you have chosen this path of Light that is going to grow bigger and bigger in front of you (there will be no curves, you are now on the right line and you will not deviate anymore), the fear of what is happening outside must no longer destabilize you.

As we have already said, from the moment that you know what you are, where you accept the Divine Part that is in you, you are highly protected because you are aware of what you are and of the Divinity that dwells in you!

Beings who are totally in fear do not have this awareness and it is very hard for them. For you, it is a considerable aid to know who you are and towards what you are going!

You often have the impression of being in a very black tunnel. Effectively, you are in a tunnel, but from this blackness in which you find yourself an immense Light will be born. It is as if you were in a profound sleep, you see nothing, you only see life, you do not see what is in front of you and all of a sudden the tunnel lights up.

Before this tunnel lights up, there will be many great difficulties in the world! We are not talking at all about the little country that is France which will automatically experience the repercussions!

There will be many difficulties in the world due to gigantic famines! Mother Earth is acting depending on what is on her, depending on a multitude of souls…you are billions of beings who think, who are fearful…she is reacting depending on your vibrations and those of a great part of humanity that is in fear. Therefore, she will be obligated to react so that she can allow herself to drop out, to leave this plane of the third and even fourth dimension to really ascend with all the beings who will be apt to ascension with her.

What does “to ascend” mean? This means to mutate, elevate yourself, transform yourself, and this will happen when your profound being will be in harmony with the consciousness of Mother Earth.

Many things are planned for man, many possibilities will be offered to humanity, therefore you must remain hopeful.

We ask you this with great insistence: evacuate your fears, no matter what they are! This word should almost not even exist in your thoughts!

You nourish fear! The fear that is instilled in you constantly has power over you! So why give power to the obscure when you could give it to the Light?

We say therefore to the Light Workers: eradicate as much as possible your fears! Do not listen to the medias that nourish them constantly! It matters little who the people are who spread them!

The most difficult for you, is when your family still remains in fear. So, what must you do so that they can liberate themselves a little?

It is not by telling them: “I retain the truth, and you are in error”! It is by offering them much Light and Love, by trying to be as nice as possible to them. Never evoke what could still make their fear grow, because if you tell them that they are in error, they will nourish even more fear and will tell you: “I am the one who is right”! They do not wish to admit that they are in error, and because of this they are still much more sensitive and receptive to fear.

So, be Love, be nice, do not judge them! Be much nicer than before and maybe they will see that you are serene, even if you do not say it, they will be aware that you are not fearful, and at that moment there will be little miracles and there will be an awakening here and an awakening there.

To not nourish this fear is your job! Try to be in Love, in kindness, in fraternity and in joy! Current human beings have lost joy because they no longer see! They no longer see the expression on faces, the no longer see the soul of their brothers, they are muzzled, they are masked.

For many of you this is very difficult because beyond the vision you feel the vibrations of the people who are suffering from fear, doubt, death, etc., and this afflicts you.

Therefore, simply send your most beautiful thoughts to all the people who are a little or deeply asleep.

We are telling you that there will be an event that will make the masks fall! This means that those who serve the obscure will be de-masked.

The obscure wants to mask human beings so that they have no Love towards others, so that they do not know fraternity, that they do not help each other, etc.! All the masks will fall, that is to say that there will come a moment where many human beings will see where the Light is, where the truth is, and at that moment many things will happen.”

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