Manipulations through 5G | Monique Mathieu | Aug 29, 2020

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Manipulations through 5G


“We have already spoken to you about 5G several months ago and we said that a part of it would not be installed everywhere, be certain of this!

Why has the installation of 5G been accelerated and that installations are done without the people really knowing? Because through 5G it is much easier to manipulate beings, notably through vaccines.

You must know that 5G is a technology that uses waves. There will be waves that will come and disturb the emissions of 5G, and this will not work as those who use it think.

The beings who work for the shadow wish to associate the vaccine with 5G. This will not be authorized by certain intergalactic instances, therefore by your Brothers, and especially the Great Beings of Light whose mission is to manage planet Earth and also the solar system. 5G is going to disturb the solar system. These evil beings want to put relays of 5G into space, but these relays will fall one after the other, they will not stay in place!

It is again the somber light that wishes once again to accelerate the process of taking total possession of the Earth and human beings, but they know they are going to lose; they know it but they still wish to do so! They hope to win by accelerating the process, but they will not succeed for the good reason that this world, we guarantee you, will become a paradise!

This will be a world of Light, a world of Love for all the beings who will have really prepared to make the great quantum leap, the great leap into a dimension of consciousness and reality…We say “of consciousness and reality” because their body will be transformed, just as their consciousness, in vibration and in structure.

We told you a while ago that your structure would become more and more crystallin. Your body will not become crystal! You will have the vibratory frequency of crystal, that is to say that you will be much, much lighter than with your carbon structure that is a part of the density of the third dimension.

Do not worry too much about 5G, we are watching over! Your Galactic Brothers are there, and they will themselves do all that they can to destroy these relays, sometimes with an intermediary of some of them who will take on a physical form for a while, sometimes very short (and sometimes a little longer). Their action will be to destroy the vibratory frequencies of 5G so that they are no longer harmful for life because they are not only harmful to human beings, they are harmful to life.

You must also know that evil non-human beings manipulate the governments and would like to totally take over the Earth by completely changing the nature of the Earth, because they would like to create a planet that is adapted to what they are. This will not happen! They hope and they do all towards this goal, but this will not happen!

Planet Earth must remain as it was created because it is a treasure at the level of fauna, flora, the mineral kingdom, etc. These evil beings do not have the right to act this way! They have already caused enormous damage, but we will stop them before the damage becomes irreparable.

For the moment, planet Earth can be taken care of (she will be cared for when it changes vibratory frequency), but for the moment she is suffering because all that is happening upon her generates a suffering of her soul and her planetary consciousness. Therefore, your Galactic Brothers are obliged to work to make a vibratory compensation and also obliged to act at the level of the destructions (like deforestation) so that this does not go any further.”

They are also telling me this:

“There are and will be many fires, many problems; you must know that some fires are provoked, but not necessarily by human beings.”

They are showing me some sort of beams of light of immense power that inflame the vegetation.

“This is not the fruit of the willpower of Mother Earth! When she will manifest her willpower, she will do it in a different way through volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, through things that human will not be able to control; they will be submitted to the willpower of Mother Earth to put order upon her.

Therefore, the all-powerful of the shadow is acting at this moment; it is in action and you see it…and it is very good to see it because up until now it was active but you did not see it. Now all the truth has come out of the well.

In a certain way, you are living the Apocalypse, that is to say the time of revelation. Revelation of the obscure, revelation of the domination of evil beings etc.

However, we are telling you: remain hopeful! The Light is there! It will manifest itself! It will not manifest itself tomorrow, but it will manifest itself. Therefore, hope must be in everyone!

Try to send much Love to all the beings that you think are not in awakening; it is at that level that you can really help your Brothers in the Light and also your Galactic Brothers.

More and more of the Galactic Brothers, coming from several parts of your Galaxy, will manifest themselves on Earth to help with this passage, in that enormous mutation; they will volunteer more and more in order to be able to accelerate the process of mutation.

You are being helped! You are considerably helped, so be confident and have faith! You do not see completely yet the action of the Light, but you will perceive it by the end of the year!”

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