Ashikaga and Tochigi: Cultivating nature and tradition | NHK World-Japan (Video link) - time-sensitive, available till Mar 31, 2021

From the Journeys in Japan program series of NHK World-Japan.

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This program was originally broadcasted on Jun 19, 2018 and is available at the link below until March 31, 2021.

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Duration: 28 min

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Video Intro (by NHK World-Japan):

In the old days, the cities of Ashikaga and Tochigi were post towns along the highway that led to the famous Nikko Toshogu Shrine, where the first Tokugawa shogun was buried. Pilgrims used to make their way along this highway, as did Imperial court messengers from Kyoto.

The cities also prospered thanks to their riverside locations. Lumber and other merchandise was shipped downstream and there was a busy trade with merchants in Edo (modern-day Tokyo).

Ashikaga boasts renowned tourist sites, including the Ashikaga Gakko, the oldest school in Japan. And the Ashikaga Flower Park draws visitors from far and wide to see the remarkable display of wisteria blossom. 

On this episode of Journeys in Japan, Leina Bambino visits these 2 cities where people continue to live with tradition, while preserving the natural environment and creating new attractions.

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