X22 Report - Ep.2263b | Ratcliffe Coordinating With Durham To Declassify More Docs, [Knowingly] | Political, Geopolitical Update | Aug 30, 2020 (Video)

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Political, Geo-Political Update

Report date: 08.30.2020

The [DS]/MSM have now trapped themselves, they didn't even see it coming, they walked right into it. Ratcliffe is now working with Durham and he will be sending him declassified information, panic. The events are now falling apart, the CDC quietly changed their information, the death rate from CV19 is ~9,000. The riots are not working, people are waking up, they see clearly and the [DS]/MSM and corrupt politicians [knowingly] destroyed peoples lives to hide the fact that [knowingly] committed treason,sedition and crimes against humanity. Law and Order, Justice is coming.

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