X22 Report - Ep.2254b and Ep.2255b | Political, Geopolitical Update - Aug 19 & 20, 2020 (Video)

Ep.2254b: Silent Majority Wielded It’s Power, Purple Messages, [KC] Pleads Guilty

Ep.2255b: Fifth Column Exposed, Panic In DC, Trapped With No Way Out

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Political, Geo-Political Update

Ep.2254b, Report date: 08.19.2020

This was not a recession or depression where credit froze up and the market crashed, this was artificial. The economy is now recovering and we are seeing a V recovery. The [DS]/MSM are panicking like never before, Mueller arrest nobody that had to do with Russian collusion, but Barr already got a guilty plea on manipulating the FISA warrants, FISA is the start. The patent for the USPS blockchain was filed 1 year 7 months ago. The [DS]/MSM are now pushing their agenda, messages are sent, purple is the color, playbook known.


Ep.2255b, Report date: 08.20.2020

The [DS] has fallen right into the trap, they took the bait. We build the wall was a money laundering operation and SB was apart of it. The fifth column has been exposed and DC is now in a panic. Trump did not denounce the '17' movement and the [DS]/MSM are panicking big time.

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