We Give Ideas Incarnation by what Mood we Embody | Aluna Ash

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This message was posted around Aug 19, 2020

💜 Whatever is expressing on the physical plane, is only given life or animation by the embodiment of it. Our thoughts and feelings come from within the Eternal Body of the creative mind- the womb of creation within the deeper layers of our individual consciousness.

What we embody is called forth into expression from all that exists within the Eternal Sphere. Its already within. This is why we cannot destroy an expression someone is embodying... another may fall into the embodiment of it- because it is all within. We are only displaying different states of being in infinite variations.

It's like a sea of thoughts, feelings, knowledge, experiences that we are within, but only give animation to.. like a medium for their expression. We are the compression point to display our expansion or "ascension'' which is embodying one state of being, then another state of being, then another state of being, and so on.... the states we can embody are infinite yet all entangled together within one sphere/body.

We can change our state of consciousness and what we embody, but we cannot destroy what another is expressing...they can only give animation to another eternal state. But the other state of consciousness/embodiment still exists. We may not be wearing every outfit we have in our closet, we wear one outfit at a time... the other outfits still remain, they are just shut out in the closet while the outfit we are wearing is given "animation". 

What we embody is what "outfit" we are wearing. The other outfits don't just disappear from our closet because we are wearing one of them. If I don't like an outfit, I can put on a new one or a different one. For me to get the new outfit, put it on and wear it, it must exist somewhere. It exists... I just find it, think of it, feel it, then embody or wear it... I give it life/animation.

Anything you want to be, know or experience, is already within you.
(This does not mean suppress emotions... I am just sharing a metaphor in hopes of explaining what is already within & what we give expression by embodying)