Two Gigantic Plans Face to Face | Monique Mathieu | Aug 2020

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This transmission was published around Aug 31, 2020

Two gigantic plans face to face


“We are going to speak a little about what is happening in your world because it is very important, because the forces of the somber light are accelerating, in the inferior sense, the process of transformation of the world.

They are putting into place inferior electromagnetic networks.

These are networks that totally disturb the consciences of humans and that considerably weaken the capacity to analyze of human beings and the logic of their conscience. Therefore, through the Internet, the telephone and all of the medias, they are installing right now some networks of electromagnetic waves that are very, very, very noxious for human beings.

As we have already said, we would like to warn you by advising you to watch the news less, at least for a while.

There will come a phase where the somber light will not be able to go further. It will be stopped in its action, and at that moment many things will transform themselves as if by magic. We are also going to develop this because this is important.

It is absolutely necessary that their plan is accomplished; there must not be a background plan concerning the terrible programming of the somber light and all that it does must be placed in sight and in the awareness of all human beings!

Unfortunately, we do mean “unfortunately” this is why we will be obligated to intervene because the waves that are sent upon human beings will slow down their awakening.

We will be obligated to do what you call “wave block”! Your Galactic Brothers and us will be very, very active to prevent as much as possible the emission of these totally ill-fated and destabilizing waves for terrestrial humanity.

An enormous number of parameters of the initial project of the somber light have not necessarily been revealed. This project has been reflected upon and put into place for several decades by the unfriendly galactic beings.

They are very active because their project is to take over the Earth while conserving, in order to serve them, a small part of humanity that will be, in a certain way, lobotomized, and they also wish to eradicate the greatest part of humanity who will not be useful to them at all. We have already said that these beings nourish themselves with the emotions of human beings, essentially with their fear, their suffering, hate, violence, etc.

Human beings emit waves and therefore their emotional center and their consciousness emit waves that are captured by these unfriendly beings that they nourish themselves with.

They nourish themselves with the vibrations emitted by the human part of the being.

The plan of the unfriendly beings is to bring perversity, manipulation and perversion in the extreme, because that procures pleasures of the body to certain humans; they have therefore created a process of total slavery of humanity in order to put it at its service.

What all of these beings who work in and for the shadow have not understood is that the human being possesses something extraordinary and sacred: Love!

It is through Love, through the consciousness of what you are, of the consciousness that you will have to defend your sovereignty and your freedom that you could easily conquer the forces of the somber light.

They know it! They know that there are gigantic forces facing them! They know their plan will be more and more difficult to apply and this will end with defeat.

They also wish to prevent the planetary consciousness from elevating its superior vibratory frequency and especially of blossoming as a consciousness that is totally revealed to itself for the greatest good of all life on it and in it.

They create sorts of brakes that prevent the human being and the Earth from elevating itself and the consciousness of awakening. They are doing a gigantic work at that level.

However, we wish to tell you this: the month of September will also see some very interesting things for the human being, that is to say that human beings will receive some pulsations that will lift some veils.

As soon as the human being will be capable of seeing a new Light, he will be liberated from certain veils and he will be much more effective in aiding the Plan of total renewal of life in this world and in the life of his human brothers.

This is the gigantic Plan of the Light that is putting itself face to face with the gigantic plan of the obscure, with its terrible manipulations, and there is an extraordinary parallel plan, of phenomenal strength, that is in the process of putting this in place.

From the month of September this will manifest itself in a very strange way. We hope, because we are stimulating them, that many human beings will awaken as if from a nightmare by saying: “but what is happening to us? We are allowing ourselves to be muzzled, we no longer have the right to express ourselves at all! All that is said by the government leaders are lies!” All of a sudden, beings will see the reality and we will greatly participate in this awakening.

This will not happen all at once! We are only saying that from the month of September there will be many awakenings of consciousness.

What will be the most beautiful gift will be that telepathy will develop itself more and more and this is the tool of communication of tomorrow, of the new world that is awaiting you! This is how you could communicate, not only between you, with the Inter-Terrestrials or Extra-Terrestrials, your Brothers, but with all that lives, whether it is the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom or your human brothers.

Telepathy, that is to say the communication of spirit to spirit, is that not only of your galaxy but also of all the galaxies, of the beings who obviously have a sufficient evolution to be able to practice it.

It will develop itself therefore more and more; however, we do warn you anyway because this may destabilize you momentarily.

We are also going to warn you about something else:

Avoid having inferior thoughts toward anything because they will be perceived (and this is very important). Therefore, try to be as wise as possible in your thoughts, by avoiding emitting inferior thoughts.

We are going to give you a small example:

If you cross the street and you see a person who does not correspond to your way of conceiving beauty, do not emit an opinion because you do not know this person, therefore you only see the physical part, but not what she is in her soul, in her reality! She will feel it, so why hurt her?

In the beginning, you will not capture every word, it will be a little furtive; you will perceive the essential and that will become more and more precise.

At this time, you are in the great shock of the Gog and the Magog. You are living in a particular period that you, Children of the Earth, have the immense chance of being able to live in! We are speaking about immense chance because at the evolutionary level this will give you the capacity for considerable evolution thanks to all the vibrations, all the energies, all the considerable help that you will benefit from if you work for the Light and with the Light.

If you are on the obscure side, you will be annihilated! However, up until the last moment, all beings, no matter who they are, even the most obscure beings, will have the possibility of opening their consciences and to go towards the Light. This is the choice that will be left to terrestrial humanity before the great transformations, that is to say before the great quantum leap.

We would like to add that all current technology, no matter what it is, and even if it seems very advanced to you, still belongs to your world of the third dimension!

You are going to enter into a different dimension (we always associate the dimensions with levels of consciousness). The dimensions are associated with the level of consciousness of humans. You will therefore be in the fifth dimension, which corresponds to the superior level of consciousness in relation to the one that is currently yours.

Technology will no longer be necessary; it will be something else entirely since you will learn little by little to create with thought.

We have often said that the power of thought is considerable! With thoughts, you can create, de-create, you can go towards a total transformation of the being, you can also destroy yourself!

If we are speaking again about thought, it is you tell you that even in relation to physical problems, you can transform what is in disharmony into perfect health! The power of thought, with all that will be brought to you by the Light, will be colossal!

We also warn you in order that you not do whatever you want with these new faculties; you must get used to this change that will be important.

At the beginning of the year, we told you that 2020 would be terrible for some and marvelous for others! Effectively, right now you only see the terrible, you do not see the marvelous, and yet, you are going to experience it within, through your own transformations, through the awakening of your consciousness, and of your psychic capabilities, etc.

This will not happen all at once, because you could not accept it, you would be disturbed, you could not accept it all at once if the capabilities, the psychic faculties and the spirit were revealed to you all at once. This is not possible for a fragile human being like you are!”


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