"The QFS, the Quantum Computer and the RV/GCR" by Ron Giles | Dinar Chronicles - Aug 13, 2020

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"The QFS, the Quantum Computer and the RV/GCR" by Ron Giles - 8.13.20


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 12:09 PM EDT on August 13, 2020

The rising channel star, Mr. Charlie Ward, and many of his guests have correctly stated that the Quantum Financial System (QFS) has been activated and has taken over the Central Bank SWIFT system of electronically transferring funds, but is the full QFS really fully active or is it just the Quantum Computer (QC) that is active? There is a major difference between the two notions.

Though the QC has taken over for the SWIFT transfer system is an accurate statement, the QFS as a financial system has not been activated yet. Let’s look at what has been activated and perhaps why this is taking place before the full financial system comes online.

The Quantum Computer

Those involved in using this computer have learned how to “connect” into the archaic Central Bank computer(s) system undetected. Through the SWIFT transfer protocol used by the Central Banks (CB), the QC has obtained account information from every Tier 1 bank account in every bank in the world that is linked to the SWIFT transfer system. It has also obtained info for 2nd and 3rd tier banks that don’t have their own SWIFT transfer codes and use Tier 1 banks to service their customer’s transfer requests. Tier 2 & 3 banks have accounts in a Tier 1 bank that is used exclusively to transfer money around the world.

With this CB account information, the QC was connected into the SWIFT transfer system and programmed it to where each transfer is channeled through the QC to record transfer data. The data is then inserted back into the SWIFT system to complete the transfer to the intended bank account. It bypasses any shenanigans from bankers and puts the money into the intended bank account within seconds. While the data is in the QC, it records all data for future reference. With this recording ability, every transfer through the SWIFT system and all data has been recorded and saved. This means that every time money has been transferred for the past two years, the QC has recorded the account number of where the money came from, who transferred it and when, and the account where it ended up. For each increment of Fiat currency, regardless of the National Currency used, the QC has assigned an “Electronic digital code Name” that it uses to identify the increment of currency within the banking system regardless of where it is located. This Electronic digital code name is similar to the digital gold certificate to be used in the QFS when it comes online. With this “Electronic Code Name,” it can track all currencies within the baking system and can identify it in any bank account anywhere in the banking system. The QC tracks the last 40 times an increment of money in any account has been transferred. It took a lot of time and effort to do this but it has been completed and has been active for quite some time (two years).

All of this QC info has been shrouded and the activity and its data info are unavailable to any bankers or their IT technicians. The QC activities cannot be detected by the Central Bank’s computer system. Often times in the past two years, a banker has unsuccessfully tried to reroute funds to hold in some account somewhere so they can do overnight trading and then find out that the funds have already been successfully transferred into the receiving account within a few moments of the transfer initiation. Can you imagine some techy being fired over this because he couldn’t do what the boss wanted? It's not his/her fault, they have no clue what takes place. Imagine the frustration of the banker that tries to steal funds and finds law enforcement knocking at the door with a warrant for his/her arrest. Imagine the politician that gets a kickback from a country that receives foreign aid and finds their money has been transferred into an account that will hold the funds for law enforcement to investigate the origins. The QC knows where the money came from and where it is. Is this why "Q" says we’ve got it all?

The Transition from the old to the new.

The QC is alive and doing its snoopy thing, but it is not yet active with accounts. How is the old going to transition to the new? This is a good question. The QFS must be active when the RV/Redemption takes place because all RV and Redemption funds will be placed in the QFS as gold-back currencies in the new currency of the nation where the RV or the Redemption takes place. This is the Global Currency Reset that all countries will go through when the funds are released. The RV funds are released and deposited into newly assigned QFS accounts as gold-backed currencies; thus, the Global Currency Reset. Keep in mind that this Global Currency Reset means that each nation has reset its currencies to the whole new system of finance for the world. The two systems, the QFS and the CB system will both be active until the CB system is unplugged due to bankruptcy. Without funds, the CB cannot sustain their high overhead and will go into receivership. As this takes place, deposited funds in a CB bank will be at risk of being confiscated as they try to stay afloat.

Why has the Central Banking System let the QC take over the SWIFT transfer system? I don’t think they had any say in the matter. Taking over the SWIFT system took away a major source of income for the CB. They cannot redirect transfers to trading accounts for overnight trading. The QC by-passes this whole trading system and ends this source of funds for the CB. It has now been acknowledged by the CB and that is why it is now released to the public. It was just a matter of time before the banks found out what their loss of income problem was. The Alliance came knocking at their door. Now it has become public.

This is the first visual event of the transition to the QFS. The next event will be the release of redemption and exchange funds deposited into brand new QFS accounts established when we all have our redemption/exchange appointment. This event will be the activation of the QFS, the RV, and the Global Currency Reset. The public disclosure of the CB and its demise is the Ohman that will trigger the RV, perhaps sometime before the end of the year; hopefully before Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Blessings to all and especially to the Alliance and their band of amazing heroes that are working in harm's way to get us to the RV. WWG1WGA.

Ron Giles

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