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This transmission was published around Aug 1, 2020

The Great Compensation


“We would like to speak to you about something that you all manifest: impatience!

It is a part of the human personality because humans are not content to live in the present; they always want to go farther in investigating their future, and it is the same at the level of events.

We have told you at the beginning of the year that it would be very particular, that for some it would be terrible and for others marvelous…and you have already been subjected to the inferior effects!

We would therefore like to ask you not to be too preoccupied about tomorrow. Our brother (and yours) Ilis has told you that the plan for planet Earth and its future has been definitively established; there are thus no more possibilities for changing the scenario, all is now defined!

We are not going to tell you what this scenario corresponds to because you have not yet attained the necessary consciousness, and above all because you have not yet experienced certain events that would allow you to better understand what this means. The only thing that you must know, is that now all is established and that you are heading towards the great transformation.

It will be different for each of you, that is to say that everyone will experience the immense transformations depending on what he may have understood about himself and life, of the teaching that we give you and that it is not the only one given on your little planet Earth, because our brothers teach other beings who have another language, sometimes more scientific, sometimes totally different, perhaps even more religious, or not religious at all, so that they can touch the maximum of human beings.

We have said that humanity is in great mutation. For the moment, you are impatient because you are aware that the forces of the somber light are in the midst of laying out all of their cards that are very difficult programs for free human beings, free in their consciousness, free in their hearts, and in their acts. Therefore, all of those who are really on the path will reclaim their liberty and will give it up to no one!

You would therefore like to know the outcome, to know when and how, etc. And, once again, we cannot tell you this (we are not speaking about the established plan), because the outcome will be a function of who you are and of what you will become. It will be a function of what you will be and of what you will have become at a certain moment.

Everything is going to accelerate, all has already accelerated on the inferior side, the somber side, but for the moment, and this is what makes you impatient, you do not see the Light in action, whether at the individual or world level; know however that it is there and that it is very powerful, and we are there to help you to better perceive it, to better understand what the Light really represents.

In its actions, the Light protects the pure beings who wish, by their behavior, by their Love, by their intelligence, by their understanding, to help those who must awaken, but once again, you must not shake up the sleepers because it would not be of any benefit to those who will awaken themselves!

Therefore, it is what you are that will make those who surround you become aware that there is something else than what they can perceive, what they can perceive in the world.

You have an extraordinary tool, but it is a double-edged sword, as with many things in your world, it is the Internet and the social medias, who are there to inform you. So, of course, there is false information and true information. It is up to you to discern well; it is up to you to feel it well and to understand it well.

The gift that human beings will have this year, (since where there is the somber light there is always the Light) it is that more and more the consciousness of the Light Workers, the Seekers of Truth, will awaken, as will their psychic capacities. More and more they will feel the energies of our presences, and maybe those who are most ready or wiser among you will receive messages from their guides; these will not necessarily be long messages, but deep intuitions, warnings to protect them.

Therefore, everything is going to be wrapped up, but not right away, which means that many things are going to accelerate, but in two directions, that is to say that the shadow will accelerate the process of manipulation, the Light will in response accelerate its process of transformation.

Therefore, as your and our brother, Ilis, has told you, the two things that are the most important in your current life are of course confidence, patience, and we are going to speak to you again about the importance of joy, etc., but the two most important things to understand and to work on are opposite poles, fear and Love.

Fears are going to be instilled again in a very important way in the consciousness and the heart of humans, because it is a means that the shadow has found to totally destabilize humanity, to its great profit.

What the shadow has not understood, is that the Light is also going to give a great opening of consciousness and a great power to all of the beings of pure heart, to all those who really want to go towards the new world that awaits them, that is to say towards the transition.

Therefore, (there) where there will automatically be disorder, there will be order; (there) where there will be obscurity, there will be an opposition of the Light, and even if right now you do not perceive it, know that it is there! It is palpable, it is going to grow more and more in each of you, and when you will begin to really feel the effects of the Light and Universal Love upon you, you will no longer be impatient because you will know that anyway you will experience in an unavoidable way personal programming and the programming of planet Earth.

For the moment all is calm, but not necessarily before the storm. More precisely, we would say that human beings have need of this calm after the shock of imprisonment, the terrible shock of what they have been obligated to undergo for months, the shock of being imprisoned in their homes, to not understand all of the manipulations, all that they have (been) tried to (understand to) make them go to the somber side. Fear makes fragile and feeble beings go towards the obscure side.

You, Children of the Light, Light Workers, you will never go to the somber side! If this were to be, you would not be here, or you would not follow our teaching! Now that you have definitively taken your path you will follow it to the end, that is to say to the great transformation, or until the departure from this world for some, (which is not serious because they will see what you do not yet see), you will go until the end and this will be the great compensation.

It will be the compensation for not letting yourself be manipulated by fear.

It will be the compensation to have grown through all the inferior experiences.

It will be the compensation for remaining yourself.

It will be the compensation for remaining centered.

The great compensation will be another vision of yourself and of the world.”

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