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This message was posted around July 30, 2020

When we receive the "Gift of Becoming One," the zodiac signs that lines up with the day and time of our birth- no longer matters in the same way that it once did. You become the creative animating force instead of the created/animated thing. The Language of Universal Symbolism unfolds from within in phases, within each individual as what is happening within deeper regions of the Soul stream into the surface mind. The symbols externalized onto the screen of space from the depths of the Soul are known, the inner workings of consciousness are revealed.

You become the central role within your individualized awareness, within the (your) drama of life- the One that the 12 surround/circle. I am not speaking about the physical or external 13th Zodiac Sign in the sky as holding this power, but the symbol of what it represents within the mind of each individual. When you come full circle on the wheel (within) the "12" Become One through the center, which is you. And the external will never be seen in the same way again.

This is your true power coming back to you, through desire then the personal experience and full remembering. After, you know that you have unfinished work at this level- so you share your personal experience for anyone who is interested in hearing so others can build a stronger desire to fully remember themselves, so they can share....and so on... Everything has its purpose, every phase, every's all to remember fully.

On this material level, we experience phases, time, night & day, Sun rising and setting, Moon cycles, planetary cycles, synchronization, sequence- but all these are not the controlling force or the force giving Life. These are the expression and creation OF the controlling force, to experience. Like how the mind controls the brain and the brain is the machine for the mind. The brain is just a physical brain without the mind.

For some time, we give power to the created things (so they rule us) instead of recognizing the power that created the things- the power that gives them life. That is the power I am trying to describe. Not the projection, the screen of space, what is projected upon the screen of space, what is animated within space-- but the Invisible indivisible Essence contemplating it all. This causes everything to change, there is a deeper connection that develops because it is coming from within beyond the dual mind- not as separate or external. All subjective symbols.

**I call it a "Gift of Becoming One" because it's a Gift we all receive that cannot be forced or induced by any way on this level. We may develop the desire, but the time or personal experience comes in its own time. The Source/God-Self decides. As we share, those who are meant to hear it at a Soul level- will, although they may not understand it or be completely aware of it at the time until after. The desire builds subconsciously, then consciously.