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This transmission was published around Aug 15, 2020

The Established Plan


We have alerted you a long time ago (in human time of course) that human beings would experience some very particular things, certainly very difficult for many, and less difficult for those who will have understood!

Right now, you are really IN the events! You cannot doubt it because it suffices to look around you to understand!

You must be able to find yourself within, you must be able to be aware of who you are, of what you are capable of doing and of the way in which you would like to direct your thoughts.

Obviously, you are in a world in great turbulence and you are in this same turbulence since you are dragged along by this whirlwind.

We are therefore saying that the Plan that we have told you about is in the process of accomplishing itself! You are on the threshold of the door of the new world, but as it has been said several times, you must already be able to build and to feel this new world in you!

If you are constantly in inferior reflections, if you are turned toward the past, if you are no longer capable of seeing what is in front of you because your eyes are closing themselves to the incoherence of the world, ignore all that is surrounding you! Do not absolutely allow yourself to be caught up by the news, no matter what it is! You must listen to your own feelings and to your own information, that is to say that you must not listen to what is said but feel the truth and find it outside yourself as well as within.

Your current world is swallowed up in fear! Your current world no longer knows where it is heading! Men are like a frightened flock that no longer listens to the shepherd, that does not even listen to the dogs who sometimes try to regroup the flock.

Who is the shepherd? Who are the dogs? The Shepherd is God the Father-Mother and you no longer listen to him! The dogs who try to gather the flock are your Brothers in the Light, your Galactic Brothers, your Guides, and sometimes you do not hear them, you do not listen to them! So, you are among this flock that is a little crazy, that is going to the right and going to the left, that is turning around itself and that is digging itself deeper and deeper into ignorance and the incomprehension of life.

So, listen to the Shepherd, listen to what he has to say to your soul, to your consciousness, and also to what you are as a human being! The Shepherd also delegates his powers to those who teach you, and we are going to go further by saying that the Shepherd can also speak through your brothers.

Listen to just words! Listen to those who wish to elevate you above this whirlwind of incoherence, of fear and of suffering! Elevate yourself well above this, you have the capacity! It suffices simply to understand who you are!

Obviously, for a certain time you will be part of the flock that will make you go a little to the right and then a little to the left but you may be able to perceive the Shepherd. In the middle of the flock you will perceive the Light of God the Father-Mother, and at that moment you will have the immense capability of extracting yourself from the flock.

Of course you will be obligated to walk with the life, your current life, but instead of being right in the middle of it and a prisoner of this flock, you could be on the edge and to distance yourself from it more and more!

You must also understand your inner power! You must understand that, no matter what happens, you must reclaim your freedom and your sovereignty!

Of course, in this current era, it is a little difficult to reclaim this freedom and this sovereignty, therefore if you cannot totally reclaim them while in the middle of the flock, reclaim them constantly within!

Simply tell yourself:

I am free!

I am free to call upon God, the Father-Mother, upon the Chief of the flock!

I am free to awaken myself more each day to a higher consciousness!

I am also free to go it alone, but at the deepest part of myself! I can walk beside the flock while being free and by completely extracting myself from the vibration of fear emanating from it!

We are speaking and we will speak often of what you are, in order to make you understand well the power that dwells in the deepest part of you but to which you do not give a possibility to express itself.

Call upon the Shepherd of the flock, call upon God the Father-Mother, upon the Great Beings of Light, upon Sananda and to Mary who are shepherd gatherers of flocks.

Little by little, you could walk freely in the middle of the flock, in the middle of sheep, because this flock will not bother you at all, because you will be in the middle of the flock where you will be protected just simply because you will no longer be in the same vibratory frequency!

In relation to the established Plan, we can only tell you this:

You are going to live through some very particular and very specific periods.

In the entire world, there will be revolutions, because the forces of the somber light will use all means available to try to destroy, and not to subdue those who serve the Light in diverse ways.

We will open a small parenthesis by evoking those that you call “the Yellow Vests”, the pure ones, those who wanted a new world and who had already created it in a certain way within because they could no longer live in the old world, the one in which you find yourself now; these beings also work for the Light in another way!

There are many beings, in very different domains, who work for the Light without being aware of it and who have a pure heart and are full of Love! In all of these beings, even those who can be considered as “the unfortunate ones” because they have practically nothing, they have not enough to eat, there are sometimes hearts filled with Love who do not want the happiness only for themselves but wish it for all of their brothers! Therefore, they fill themselves up with an extraordinary vibratory frequency and they will awaken, they will find themselves and they will understand!

You, yourselves, are relatively privileged, and we say “relatively privileged” because if you put a little application into all that we tell you, you could really be privileged! Sometimes you do not do it, or you do not understand well, and it is for this reason that without fail we will try to help you at the level of comprehension and of awakening. You are, in a certain way, in an awakening, but not in “The awakening”! You are much more liberated than many of your Earth brothers, but you still have many veils to remove!

Here is what we would like to tell you about the established plan:

First of all, men will have many worries in relation to the revolutions that will unfortunately be generated by hunger, because the great occult and somber power desires that human beings, whom they cannot eradicate in a thousand in one ways, just simply die of hunger! This great somber power has sabotaged the planet, it has done all that it could in order for the world population to diminish in a drastic way; however, it only possesses a small part of the truth and of reality. There will therefore by some riots due to hunger more than riots against enslavement.

There will also be your Mother Earth who, without wishing to do harm to her children (since you could be considered as her children), will awaken very greatly.

There will also be something else before the passage. There will be, and this is a part of the plan obviously, many visible and invisible places that will awaken, some places who will have been prepared since the beginning of time in view of the current time. Some are invisible because they have not yet manifested themselves in matter, such as the pyramids and underground places, some really sacred places that have been hidden from men so that they would not destroy them or soil them.

In these times, as somber as they may seem to you, are marvelous times because they allow man to find himself again, to rediscover himself and to advance. They allow man to find himself as a spiritual being, as a being with all the potentials of the power of thought and the power of Love.

If you did not live through these so difficult periods, you would have some difficulties awakening yourself to a new consciousness, therefore even if they are difficult to experience, they are positive for your evolution!

The tribulations – because this is what they are called – could be very greatly minimized depending on the great awakening, depending on the capacity of human beings to integrate the powerful and considerable vibrations emanating from the Universe (and not just Alcyone) in view of the total transformation of beings and of souls, which is to say that even the Mother Soul will profit from these immense Vibratory frequencies; she will grow and will make the little souls profit who are a part of her and who form the pyramid(*)!

When all of that will have been accomplished, man will awaken to himself, there will be another consciousness, he will only wish for the happiness of his brothers and all beings will get along with each other in peace and serenity. This will not be thanks to the willpower of one being, this will be thanks to the willpower of the communities who will work and blossom in another dimension of life, in another dimension of matter, in another dimension of the spirit.

When the great storm will have passed, when the new Light will enlighten not only this world, but also your solar system and the galaxies, there will no longer be any turning back possible, it will just simply be to walk in the Light, in confidence, in serenity and in Love.

Confidence will have been acquired. You will no longer need to acquire it since you will live in confidence. You will no longer need to doubt since life will be simple! Life will be full of Joy and Love, and in this new life you will be in contact with your galactic brothers and with your intra-terrestrials.

In the new world, there will no longer be illnesses, there will no longer be feeling bad!

Child of the Earth, this world is here and is holding out its hand to you!

As we have told you, it suffices for a strong minority to make the obscure majority explode! Of course, your force is Love! Either the obscure majority will awaken to Love, or it will be consumed by Love. (We do not say “destroyed” we are saying “consumed”).

Therefore, even if your world is in great turbulence, even if you no longer recognize the place where you live, that is to say planet Earth, stay confident and keep the faith! What we are asking you above all, is to keep your fraternal relations; keep the sacred relation between beings, the Love that neither person, nor human law, can remove from your heart!

Rediscover yourself! Regroup yourself! Exchange! Exchange, but not on inferior things, on superior things! Avoid speaking about everything that slows you down, of everything that lowers your vibratory frequency a little! Of course, it will come back up again because you have consciously or unconsciously expressed the willpower and the deep wish of climbing without stop towards the superior spheres! Therefore, avoid being in the inferior, of being in the past, and also avoid judging the present because for the moment you cannot do otherwise!

Think again of the image of a flock of sheep, it is a beautiful image! It has much to teach you, much for you to learn, because even if you have the impression of being among this flock, you can extract yourself very easily.

Here is what we wished to tell you on this subject.”

*Refer to the book by Monique Mathieu “Birth and the journey of a soul.”

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