The Battle of Our Time is a Defence of Britain & Its Values and a Return From Covid-19 - Laurence Fox - Aug 7, 2020 (Video)

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Laurence Fox first appeared on "So What You're Saying Is..." a few weeks before his celebrated -- to some, controversial -- appearance on BBC Question Time. He now returns to the #SWYSI sofa to tell us what impact the subsequent storm of controversy has had on his life, his family & career and, indeed, on his own outlook on life & society.

Disturbed by both Black Lives Matter & Extinction Rebellion, Laurence discusses the damage woke ideology is causing to British institutions (including RADA, from which he graduated), the nation and its heritage.

He dismisses the fragility, narrow mindedness & arrogance of the progressive woke extremists but believes they & their religious fervour shall become increasingly irrelevant to society as the public switch to multi-platformed new media.

Laurence & Peter Whittle also discuss our reaction to Covid-19, whether the lockdown, fear & continuing measures are an over-reaction and when or if we shall ever return to a state of normality.


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