Taygeta - Pleiades | Mechanics of Manifestation 1 - Free Energy | Swaruu of Erra | Nov 16, 2018 (Video)

Mechanics of Manifestation 1: Free Energy

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This video was published on Nov 16, 2018

In this very important episode, the article ¨Mechanics of Manifestation¨ written directly by Swaruu, a young Taygetean Pleiadian woman, she talks about the manifestation of matter, and the operation of free energy, among many other things. The essay mentions the meaning of sacred geometry, Flat Earth, Kardashov Scale, Nuclear Energy, how consciousness generates reality, etc. It is a fascinating article for all those interested in deeper metaphysics, spirituality, mathematics and science. See you in the next one!

I want to give my eternal gratitude to Swaruu for having patience and enthusiasm to be with me and explain so many issues of reality. It is the dream come true, and a great honor, to have met you.  

Thank you very much to all the Taygeteans for your support.

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Thank you! :)

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