Taygeta - Pleiades | How To Elevate The Frequency (Episode 8) | Nov 7, 2018 (Video)

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Video direct urlhttps://youtu.be/y5q9uOc093A

Duration: ~ 44 min

This video was published on Nov 7, 2018

Transcript of the video: https://www.swaruu.org/transcripts/how-to-raise-your-frequency-direct-message-from-the-pleiadian-contact-8

Video Intro:

This is chapter 8 of the series Chats with Swaruu, the extraterrestrial woman from Taygeta (Pleiades) (5D) with whom I am in contact in WRITING.

In this chapter, we talk about all different practical ways to raise our frequency, and get nearer the 5D reality.
Thank you! :)

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