Systemic Pedophilia And Pedogate - Part 1 | Dauntless Dialogue (Video)

An excellent very well researched and detailed account on the prevalence and usage of pedophilia in modern society and the controlled system & structure. The bottom line is that children have, are being trafficked, horrifically abused, traumatized, raped and even killed (sacrificed).

The time has come for society and the human collective to begin to accept, confront this reality, to firmly speak up, say NO, put a stop to this and help the victimized children (and adults) heal and integrate and in doing so help humanity to also heal.

From Darkness to Light.

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Chapter 1 - Normalization - 3.30
Chapter 2 - Systematic Coverup - 13.36
Chapter 3 - Mass Arrests, Operation Cross Country - 34.55
Chapter 4 - Government Complicity - 51.45
Chapter 5 - Mass Arrests - 1.46.46

Content Source: Dauntless Dialogue

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Duration: 2 hr 19 min

This video was published on Jun 1, 2017

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Somewhere, out of the cacophony of conversations, one voice emerged. Yes, a dialogue was started; some might describe it as dauntless. And with that voice, the voice of a generation, people found solace. People who asked themselves, "What in the world is going on?" were able to begin to answer the question.

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Ref: Abby Martin investigates the Podesta brothers: