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This message was posted around Aug 7, 2020

Once the new habit of thought & feeling are developed, manifestations are effortless, almost instantaneous and come into form in the most unexpected ways. There's a wave of resonance that seems to build naturally over time and manifestations become easier and come into form faster... as if they build upon one another giving you more control in deliberate manifestation.

It's important to not try to figure out how it will happen, just let the 'how' go and be clear on what you want. For 30 days, let go of trying to figure out how. Accept that it is done. 

Be mindful of what you are embodying throughout the day and what you are expecting to happen. 

Watch your inner conversations/words throughout the day, are you speaking/thinking/reacting from the desired state you wish to manifest as if it is a present state?

 Embody the state of the desired manifestation or transformation by developing the feeling by holding the image in your mind's eye. 

Just like anything else, it takes practice to train the mind and train the faculties of sensation. 

No one else can develop this for us, it is only something we can develop from within by being consistent and practicing. 

With practice, this becomes very easy... everything needed to manifest your desired result will come into being in its own unique personal way. 

If your whole reality needs to be re-organized for the manifestation to come into form, then it will. 

So be clear on what you want- and only desire for another what you would take as an experience or manifestation yourself.... we get the same resonance in return. 

Before you begin your visualization and meditations in the evening, take a moment to forgive anyone in the world you are holding judgment, envy, ill-will or condemnation towards (even people you don't personally know or have never met)- lack of forgiveness or negativity towards any other becomes a major block and manifests in unwanted ways in our own lives, body and experience. If you need to forgive yourself, make the decision to do that. 

One thing to remember: is that whatever you desire, is already done. Not on the astral plane... or just in thought or fantasy. The reality of it is here and now, we only move into the experience of it and the awareness of it. This can be a hard concept to grasp because of perception and individual awareness... we only perceive what we are aware of being. Develop the awareness of what you want by embodying it- then you can perceive it objectively.

It is very simple, the mortal aspect of mind complicates things. Do not worry about how, don't worry about what planet is retrograding where or what your horoscope says can or can't happen or what to expect. This limits the channels and ways... your Greater Self and the Universal Mind knows of ways you could never think of and works through the embodiment- what you radiate as a fact/belief/knowing. What you expect is what you project and what you will manifest, perceive or observe. It is all subconscious vibrations and what imagery is filled within your photosphere/energy field.

If I can do it and if I have completely transformed my life, not just in some area, but in every single area and for the better-- then I KNOW anyone can. You don't have to figure it all out, suffer or stress. Manifestation becomes quick and effortless when we learn to get into a state of ease, peace of mind, remain calm, be receptive and are open to opportunities for change.

Decide you are starting your new beginning now and decide to use the next 30 days as a stepping stone or to lay the foundation for the life you want, it already exists, we only move into the experience by the embodiment of it-- that is it. No special tricks, just practice and developing the ability to convince yourself of it enough to embody it...nothing else is needed but your ability to envision and feel. Accept it. Claim it. Know it. Practice holding the vision and feeling of it then you will begin to embody it naturally and reality responds to what we embody subconsciously as true. 

If you feel that others won't understand, believe it is possible or may doubt- keep it to yourself for now. Let them see on their own. There is no one else to change but ourselves.

Come up with a scene in your mind's eye that you can build upon and as you practice see it in more detail each time with more feeling. Repeat the scene each night. If you want a family, a home and a career you love- imagine what that would look alike all together. Come up with a scene but instead of seeing it like watching a movie, you are in the scene playing the part. 

If there is something you wish for that includes another person, see them in the state they wish to be in- happiness, health, wealth, success, see them from love. Be happy for them. Just focus on changing your perception of them, not changing them or trying to control their decisions or choices... there is no need to try and change anyone, just how we see them inside our own self or how we believe them to be.

If a loved one is sad or feels unwanted, work on changing how YOU perceive them. See them happy and wanted. Don't try to figure out how, only work on transforming how you perceive them to be. This means you are no longer binding them to an unwanted state by your perception of them. Always wish the best- what you would want someone to wish for you, because as we wish for another, we are getting the same in return.

We do not create anything on this plane with logic or reason, creation or manifestation comes from beyond logic/reason... the cause of what manifests physically or externally is due to what we imagine with feeling, what we deeply believe, what we react to or what we are unknowingly influenced by in thought/attention/belief/feeling.

If you have been deliberately manifesting already, there's always room to grow, improve, challenge yourself in some way or take a Leap of Faith 💜

Yes, life has not always been easy...there have been things we have all gone through that we wouldn't have ever wished for anyone to experience. There has been pain, loss, illness, abuse, trauma, struggles, limitations of all kinds, doubt, lack, fear, envy, anger... we can decide to choose to experience differently once we know it is possible. Not only is it possible, it becomes easier and easier. This change in our own self, benefits all because now we are able to free the chains of limitation of another through transforming our own perception of them.