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This transmission was published around Aug 23, 2020

Radiate to help our brothers to awaken


“We are happy to see that more and more humans are elevating themselves to another conscience, are becoming aware of what they are, of what we are as well and of the future that awaits them.

Many of you are impatient to know if this is going to be soon, not soon, tomorrow or the day after!

We will say this:

You will understand a little bit more when a larger part of humanity will be awakened, when some important tribulations will have been experienced by the beings of planet Earth who live in certain countries.

As for the little country of France, the events will be lesser, but they will still take place; in some large countries, the events will be much more painful.

Whether there are events or not is of no importance! What is important is which direction you decide to go, it is what you wish to do with your own life and in which direction you wish to engage it!

We advise you to stop listening to the medias, no matter which ones, because they bring your vibratory frequencies very low.

In the near future, this will be the “salvation”, that is to say that if you have attained a certain vibratory level, everything that will happen in you and around you will not affect you because you will have another comprehension, another awakening, and because you will have set in motion dormant psychic capabilities within, some capabilities that will allow you to better consider your life and all that happens around you.

Of course, for the moment, there are many questions! Some of you ask: “why have our Brothers in the Light and our Galactic Brothers not intervened now, when humanity is more and more deprived of its freedom?

We will not intervene because the Plan must be accomplished until the end, so that the being can awaken through certain tribulations; if we intervened right now, many beings would not have had the time to see their capacities awaken; we are leaving it up to a maximum of human beings the capacity to awaken so that they can transit!

The new Earth, the one that is prepared for the Children of the Earth, will be very different from the Earth on which you live; it will be different at the vibratory level, it will be different even in matter. It will be adapted to the new being, to the Being of Light that you will become; you will leave the old vestment corresponding to the third dimension to take on your cloak of Light, because you will pass from a carbon state to a crystalline state. This cloak of Light will allow you to live in the next cycle of life, this “terrestrial paradise”. This will not be the paradise on Earth that you know, this will be completely different.

To accede to this new world that you wish for, you must transform yourself profoundly from the inside, you must succeed in getting rid of blockages that you have placed on yourself before your incarnation in order to be able to live in the present cycle.

Some people are asking: “why have we come to Earth if we were beings who were very evolved? What have we come here to do?”

Each of you has already evolved very much spiritually in other worlds or on Earth.

By Love, you have made the choice to incarnate in this very particular period of life and of your planet to help humanity in the transition; automatically, in one way or other, you will experience this transition! Each of you has an important role to play in this very particular period.

One of the most important things is for you to conserve as much as possible your freedom and your sovereignty, these are your most important treasures along with Love.

As long as you remain free within, you could accomplish what you came to planet Earth to do. If you allow yourself to be completely manipulated by the forces that you know, you will lose your freedom and you could no longer evolve as you must, you could no longer serve the Light, Love, your brothers and life as you should have done.

Therefore, to each his mission, and the mission of each of you is magnificent! You will become aware of what inhabits you, of the immense Love that is in each of you and that you will accept to make grow, to radiate and to offer.

To offer Love, is to offer life, it is to offer it to a beautiful flower, to a beautiful tree, to an animal, it is to offer Love to a person whom you pass in the street; of course you will not say to him “I love you” but you could simply send him a beautiful thought of Love or smile at him.

We will open a small parenthesis: it is obvious that with your mask you cannot smile at people you pass in the street, and this is so sad! This is going to end because another fear is coming on the horizon, a fear that will greatly chase away the fictitious fear that has been generated by people who do not want the good of humanity.

You will not be submitted to this other fear if you accept to work on who you are, if you work on Love, serenity, confidence and joy; thus you will be very, very little touched by all that will happen around you!

You navigate, without being aware of it, between the third, the fourth, and the fifth dimension.

When you are angry, when you complain, you are in the third dimension, but when you feel good inside, when you are joyful, when you are welcoming others, etc., you are not in the third dimension because you have elevated your consciousness towards another plane, another level.

When you are in a moment of meditation, a moment of plenitude, of profound joy, in contact with your Guides, your Galactic Brothers, etc., you are no longer in the third dimension or the fourth dimension, but you are in the fifth dimension and when you are in a state of grace, (this can happen during a meditation or when listening to beautiful music), you can be in the sixth dimension, however a part of you can always be in the third dimension! This is gradual in relation to the level of consciousness that is yours during any such moment of your day or of your life.

You navigate between these states of modified consciousness, between these diverse planes; you can navigate between the third and even the sixth dimension without being aware of it, but know that when you are happy, when you wish to give all the Love that is in you, when you have the possibility of being in wonderment in front of a magnificent flower, a sumptuous tree, etc., you are no longer in the third dimension. You must be able to situate yourself at the level of consciousness where you find yourself, in a way that allows you to go towards superior levels of consciousness instead of wasting time.

Do not feel guilty if at times you are completely in the third dimension! Right now, for open people like you, the third dimension simply corresponds to the shadow parts that you still have in you and that you must little by little enlighten them by your own Light, by your own Love.

These shadow parts exist, you cannot deny it! On the contrary, you must love them and tell yourself: “today, I want to complain a little, I am in a bad mood, but this is not serious! I send much Love to this part of myself and maybe tomorrow, if I send sufficient Love, this part will have become a little wiser, will not be in reaction in relation to life, in relation to what surrounds me.”

Right now, you are still in a dual world and you still have that duality in you, that shadow part that dwells in you and that will progressively shrink. What will happen to you more and more often, is that when you let that shadow part express itself, you will be aware of it immediately!

That shadow part can make you unhappy, so say: “I accept, and I send much Light and Love onto this reaction!” It is your reactions that will allow you to understand that it is the shadow part of yourself that is expressing itself, and at that moment you could little by little rectify it, understand, forgive (forgive yourself of course), love yourself more in a way that the shadow part diminishes more and more in a way so that it no longer has a desire to express itself. This is called Wisdom!

From the moment that you succeed in understanding your functioning, you go towards non-reactivity, you will accept things better, therefore you will go towards Wisdom because you will have understood your functioning and that you will enlighten all that is inferior in you with the Light and Love.

A person or two who awakens themselves and who work at a maximum with the superior planes have, by their radiating, an absolutely extraordinary impact on their environment, and even some people who are completely asleep could undergo a sort of vibratory shock and could awaken saying: “I am afraid, but why isn’t that person afraid? Why is she happy? Why is she singing?”

It is your behavior in relation to all that surrounds you that will make the difference! You can force no one to awaken, but you can be an example for all those who surround you. It is by being an example that you can allow those who are too profoundly asleep to awaken!

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