PIR - Health Report | Dementia and Alzheimer's Solutions - Aug 22, 2020 (Audio)

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Updated on Dec 11, 2020: The PIR channel had been terminated by YouTube in early Nov 2020 hence all the old content has been lost.

If you're interested in new PIR content (from 12th Nov) please visit the channel on Rumble.com at:


Bob Gilpatrick is so knowledgable on any health condition, and the related nutritional needs, and maintaining wellness. This is a very insightful discussion on Dementia, Alzheimer's, and many other related brain-related disorders.

PIR (Patriot Intel Report) radio show/podcast - Health Report.

Topic: Dementia and Alzheimer's Solutions

Discussion with Bob Gilpatrick.

Content Source/OwnerPIR

Video direct urlhttps://youtu.be/HfFDiHY6848

Duration: ~ 1 hr

This report was published on Aug 22, 2020

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