Nothing is Outside, it is an Emanation From Within | Aluna Ash

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This message was posted around Aug 12, 2020

We look to the expressions, personifications or through other members & functions of the One Body for protection/answers until we become the only Source animating them all.. which is fusing with our individual awareness as one. Every person within Humanity will experience the 'Gift of Becoming One' at some time, and each individual's timing has a purpose. The timing is different for each and may be within different life cycles, to have the experience in order to share.

Otherwise there would be no point. The moment all these things that were once thought of as outside, or as higher powers on invisible planes, or out in space, unfolds from within- and you become the central point and the animating force of them all... the fusing with the Eternal Awareness/Ancient One with individual awareness-- begins. 

You are gathered, fused and returned/sent while remaining in the same physical body, same name, face and voice to the world but inside- you are changed forever, you have become the wheel with wheels of archetypes, humanity, the sum total of all experiences... not in thought or theory but a very personal experience, a deep contemplation develops to adjust and then you radiate a new signal/knowing to share. 

YOU are the compression point of a structure of light emanating from One intelligence- you are only expanding into remembering all of these other functions that YOU are animating (just not aware of it fully until the fusion happens.) The past is unfolding from within appearing as the future all happening now. The design/pattern is done, it only unfolds.

We, as individuals, only move into new parts of the pattern, which take shape as a cubic reality and are expressed & experienced in a very real way. 

I don't mean you just connect from within... it all IS within, it is not separate, there is one awareness giving all life- you become one with that awareness... not as separate, although people may still see you in that way but you are merged with the Essence of everything.

Angels, guides, aliens, objects, humanity, planets, stars, etc... are animations- personifications emanating from this one awareness that you are gathered into then fuse with- at a specific point of the unfolding of the pattern.