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This message was posted around Aug 1, 2020

Monumental New Beginnings💜 A new timing frequency had been integrating into the collective mind for the last several years- July 26th 2020 marked the beginning of this timing frequency becoming more "known" or felt within more individuals within the Collective. It's all a sequence that unfolds from within, we experience these different sequences at different times and the pattern unfolding is not known until after the unfoldment. From around August 21st 2017, there has been massive shifts and a Collective "re-organizing" that has pushed many onto unexpected new paths to learn, heal, evolve and become more empowered.

These new beginnings that are developing have already been "building" and are now coming more into form and more into awareness. This is not because of Lion's Gate or any external thing/energy/gateway, but because of Spirit awakening more strongly from within and the deliberate changes made in recent years. What manifests for each person individually all depends on daily thought/thinking habits, what has been imagined/assumed as true and deeper beliefs.

It is our choice to use our creative power constructively or destructively and no matter how things appear, there is always room for change or improvement- expansion is an infinite process of ascending from one state of awareness to another while spiraling back into our True Self/center point as a balanced whole after a brief period thinking we are only moving "ahead" in linear time. If there have been any feelings of tension surfacing, look at what deeper beliefs could be seeking expression.

We have to learn how to operate our consciousness intentionally in harmony with Universal Laws while holding the Faith in what is good-what is wanted, to see and experience desired results- instead of reacting, responding and focusing on limiting conditions as they appear (individually, in our personal world and on the world stage) Manifestations on the outer plane come from within first. From the inside out.

New Beginnings may come in the form of relationships, partnerships, friendships, opportunities, projects, inspiration, Lifestyle Changes, mental/emotional wellbeing, health, healing, letting go of the past, etc...  it seems like many are unknowingly subconsciously preparing for changes that are manifesting into form, but have a feeling that these changes are developing in some way while uncertain of exactly how, what and when.

One way this can be looked at is: from whatever culminated around 2017 and what has changed from 2017 until now-- was like  "training" and surfacing of wisdom, knowledge, potential. Now many will know how to use the wisdom, knowledge and creative potential in the most unique way personal to their own path and authentic self-expression. Stay true to yourself... find your own way as far as interests, things you enjoy, beliefs, knowledge/wisdom from your own personal experiences and the dual mind will not get in the way so the pathway can evolve even more with ease.

August 21st 2017 was the Great American Eclipse and the beginning of a 7 year cycle completing 2024 with another American Eclipse creating an X and August 21st 2017 was the beginning of a 1,260 day cycle that is completing Jan 2021. 2020 is also a "doorway" or a midpoint of the 7 yr gestation cycle, the 2020 "doorway" is also within a Greater Cycle of the Sun. (I'll be posting more on the Greater Cycle of the Sun soon)

**1260 timing frequency is not a timing system that the world loses, such as 12 hr 60 min clock, but a synchronization with the structure or hierarchy within... then a sequence of a timing that unfolds from within moving the individual beyond "time" by fusing with the Eternal Body in individual awareness- "Becoming One" this is a sequence of mystical experiences that unfold within up until the completion/fusion (42 steps) the sequence is not known prior, only after- it is seen from a different layer of consciousness within by personal experience, it cannot be predicted or induced- it's a surprise (Gift).

The dates I've mentioned are points I have noticed within a pattern, but again, it is very individual. There is a purpose for our experiences to be similar and at similar times then also different and happening at different times.. so we can have the experiences by sequence and work together by aiding in each other's process (whether we know it or not at the time.) Everyone is playing an important role in the "Earth-drama"

1260 also relates to planetary calendar/cycles as well... but the outer is not controlling the inner, or the future, it just appears that way to the mortal mind at times... its for the experience of remembering, movement and sequence.

**and Thank you guys for being here, supporting my work, for sharing your own experiences with me personally or in the comments and for being an extended family💜

(I am recording August Patreon messages tomorrow evening-8/1, and they'll be posted after! XO) youtube channel messages too☺