Enslavement, Freedom and Sovereignty | Aluna Ash

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This message was posted around July 21, 2020

The only enslavement Humanity must overcome, is the enslavement of the mind- due to the personal and Collective illusion of the 5 senses of the mortal mind and the illusion of time. All other unwanted experiences are secondary.

There is no one to blame. What state of awareness we each embody due to where we each are in our own evolution is not due to another. We are each responsible for our imaginative creative acts. There are no wrong or right states of embodiment/consciousness, even if they have appeared that way or appeared "evil" to the mortal mind- each are expressions of Infinite Spirit/God. We are not able to see the true form of these expressions with the senses or in time, it is beyond the senses & beyond time.  For each desire, thought, feeling, imaginal act, conception, contemplation-- there is another extension or many other extensions ready & willing to play the part, intentionally or unintentionally- wanted or unwanted. So there is no one to blame, it is all Self in movement.

Freedom and complete sovereignty come individually as soon as we each begin to become aware of our creative power within by use of our human imagination, reality beyond the 5 senses and by gaining the ability to intentionally project our consciousness beyond space & time and through the power of the subconscious mind, be naturally moved by sequence to the desired result.

We have forgotten how powerful we are, one by one we remember and come back into ourself fully ๐Ÿ’œ After awakening we begin to become aware of moving from one segment of time to another, one state of awareness to another, one subjective plane to another, one objective expression to another... until receiving the Gift of the Ether/Eternal Body fusing with our individual awareness, the most subtle body- then all time/space unifies into one field, all archetypes Become One in our individualized awareness. We become One with Divine Substance- all that was once seen as separate: people, angels, guides, entities, good/evil, elements, opposition- are seen in their true form, the structure within all layers of the subjective spheres come into objective awareness.

The individual awareness is lifted up beyond lower subjective planes of separate identities, saviors, mediators, guides, even other people are seen in true form (God-one-Self reflected) the belief in external advanced or exalted life forms or powers as separate dissolves and all is seen/known as one functioning unit with many parts all animated by the Intelligent Divine Substance(Ether) that has awakened within the individualized awareness. It is a hierarchy within, not in outer space, we each get to see this through personal experience when the Ether Body fuses to our individual awareness.

Humanity gathers itself into One Being in awareness while remaining individualized through cycles- all happening in the eternal now. Humanity will always remain One unit tied together by an indivisible invisible substance- Ether. And I am beyond grateful for going through this process with you all as extensions of each other๐Ÿ™ I feel the powerful love & support of this community often.

The messages that I share are for those interested in listening/reading, in this similar space themselves, or coming into this space. I know we cannot teach what is gained by our own personal experiences or why we see/know things in the way that we do, it is all unique & relative. There are infinite ways to see things & I love that we can have the experience of coming together with others that are in the same knowing at all these different phases of our paths. I share for those in this similar space in their knowing & their experience. Thank you๐Ÿ’œ