Embodying the Desired Result in the Present | Aluna Ash

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This message was posted around Aug 9, 2020

There must be feeling and sensation to embody what is wanted. Feeling and sensation can come through holding an image in your mind's eye and building upon the image by adding detail, vivid color, specific sound. If you have a hard time with visualizing images, you can focus on specific words or sound. Practice by creating one overall image of your desired result and build upon it daily in your meditation adding more detail, color, sound bringing it more to life until the seed is planted within the womb of the subconscious, then you can let it go.

When the seed is planted, it will feel like ease and a knowing that it is done. I learned through a very personal experience by seeing & experiencing a portion of something vividly in the same spot that the full experience took place 2 years later. That experience of Becoming One completely changed my view on everything. I saw that everything that I once thought was guides or angels or external planets, was actually a structure within only projected onto a greater projection for the experience... all my superstitious thinking in external powers dissolved.

I know there is one awareness through the personal experience of it. This one awareness is time, space, energy, form, expression, projection, observation, all natural or universal laws and is within us all. Each one of us has equal potential, we just have to learn how to use it. This awareness, the Eternal Body is the Ancient One buried deep within your consciousness- who knows all and see all. The keeper of all knowledge and wisdom.

All time is happening now, we access different time segments by the specific feeling and awareness embodied. So the more you build upon the specific feeling, the embodiment comes to life. Your awareness of it is giving it life. I saw this very clearly through this experience... everything we see, observe, experience in all points of time- is animated by one indivisible invisible awareness which only appears to be fractalized into many individual experiences, but the same awareness is within all, animating all and cannot be divided.

All time stood still, I became every person and every thing and everywhere I looked or became aware of- it came to life, everything I was aware of was linked through time by my perception and feeling of it. I was the body of space and all time within. If I empathized with something, I was immediately brought into the experience of it, all different spheres rotating together within one greater sphere- the eternal body or one awareness.

I learned the cause and the effect are one- appearing separate, just like positive & negative poles. If we think there is an external power or threat (evil) it is only our giving it life by consent through the belief in it. This way of thinking dissolves as the "Ancient One" becomes more known from within. To change the future, we must embody the desired change in the present, and that embodied change- changes how we are linked to potentials from the past. It is all one, in constant movement within spheres, all linked experienced by sequence.. like music. 

Don't worry about how, or go looking for signs. It will all happen in the most natural way that you may not even recognize it as it's happening.

I want to hear your stories and experiences in 30 days! So write em down if you feel interested in sharing🤗☺