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This message was posted around Aug 4, 2020

Deliberate manifestation becomes very easy, almost effortless, when we release focusing on conditions as they appear, release any feelings of need or competitiveness and learn to get out of our own way. 

Our Greater Self already knows how, when and calls in all the people or things needed to manifest the desired result. Faith fuels desire through feeling. 

The function of the 3rd dimension will not change, it is for learning how to use our creative force deliberately and to fulfill the our work/word. To experience the desired change, we must learn to bring it to life by giving it animation from within first. Everything in the outer world is only a subjective expression. 

We are each moving rotating sphere-vortexes of energy stabilized by a center, driven in motion by the mind & feeling, fueled by the creative force of Spirit. Everything only appears as physical, solid and as separate or external. It is a complex Divine intricate design that's always working and synchronized in perfect order. 

It is our awareness of being (I AM) giving life and animation to all we see and experience.... including on invisible planes. Other beings, ETs, elementals, entities, aliens, light beings, dark beings, groups, etc... are not separate or external somewhere out in space in the galaxy that we tune into and connect with, it only appears that way. The experience is very real, just not separate, the perception of separation is only the obstruction within individual awareness opposing the eternal awareness (I AM) animating Life of the Eternal Body. 

Until we fuse in individual awareness with the Eternal Body, we perceive personifications and animations as they appear instead of recognizing the force giving them life. We give the animation power instead of recognizing the power of the animating force as our own awareness. All that is taking place on invisible planes are personifications that are given life by our creative force or deeper beliefs fueled by the Essence (I AM- invisible eternal awareness) These are all personifications within one Greater Body, the Eternal Body. When we become fused with this Eternal Body within our individual awareness, it is fusing with the Body of Life and these things are no longer seen as separate or happening out there somewhere. The life, the only animating force giving it expression... is what we fuse with and become.

Whatever we feel or assume to be true is fueled by the creative force of awareness (I AM)  If we believe a system to be true, the personification of the system is given life on invisible planes by our conception and awareness of it... then expresses in some way on the outer plane. As we release giving our animating creative life-giving power to personifications on the invisible plane by our belief and awareness of them, the power returns to us to be used intentionally in whatever way we choose. ๐Ÿ’œ 

We give our creative life-giving power to what we contemplate and assume to be true... even if it is unwanted or unintentional. We have the choice each moment on how we are spending our energy, time and attention.

If you really want something, give it life and animation by embodying the feeling and assuming it to be true now. Because it is done, all that is desired- is done, it is seeking expression or embodiment... we only move into the experience on this level. You do not have to do all these other things to change your frequency to get what you want because if the state is not embodied, all the outer things being done- will not matter. The outer world molds and takes form from within. 

To embody the state, you have to work through any opposing belief saying that it cannot happen or cannot be done by having faith and being consistent with embodying the feeling to fuel your desire. Action or movement is always happening. The thought with desire and feeling- is movement..action/movement is taking place beyond the physical, yet comes into expression on the physical plane in time through an order and by a sequence, the movement set in motion beyond the physical will propel you to take action in physical ways through compulsion or by intuitive inspiration.

And to keep unwanted experiences from manifesting: follow the Golden Rule, do unto others only as you would have done unto you. If you wouldn't want it for yourself and wouldn't take it for yourself, do not believe it to be true or give that animation life for another. This takes practice because we have seen the cause of the outer world backwards since birth and because we have not known the force giving all life animation personally.

If you believe something to be a threat- you are giving it life. If you believe something to be a hindrance, you are giving it life. If you believe there's competition, you are giving it life. If you believe things are unjust, you are giving it life... and so on.. Focusing/contemplating on all that appears wrong, unjust or all the horrible things in the world daily, is imprinting in your field and must be expressed through you and to you in some way. 

And if unwanted manifestations show up due to past destructive, uncontrolled imaginal acts, deeper beliefs or reactions... use the same process to disentangle from the manifestation that have come into form. Use it as a challenge to further develop. Recognize your creation, see what you can learn from it, forgive yourself, forgive all others, release it mentally and transform it in the best way you can- from within. 

If this is something new, start with little things, then if you feel like it- challenge yourself to bigger things. In time, you will see that it takes the same energy and effort to manifest something little as it does for something big. Then the desire to know Source/God will over-power all other desires. Until then, after then and while here- we are meant to use our creative force intentionally or it will be used unintentionally by default. Either way- it is always in use, always in action, always in movement, we are always radiating what we consistently put our attention on and believe to be true and the Universal Mind is always responding.

Keep what you are bringing into form to yourself... work in silence and in faith. Or keep things to yourself for a bit at first to hold the state. There's no need to worry what others are doing or not doing and no need to prove anything, unless you want to or find it may be helpful for another to hear/see your results and changes. You don't need to ask anyone to do anything for you, you don't need to try and take anything from another. Trust me, all that is needed to fulfill your desire, will come to you naturally as long as you stay in the embodiment (the feeling) of it.

On one level, it already has come to you, it's only coming into objective awareness. (Which I know can sound confusing or contradicting, our experience within time/space/reality is a supernatural thing) ๐Ÿ˜ Use whatever reminders are helpful to inspire you... whether it be a post, a passage, a quote, a message, a visual, memory, feeling, prayer. Think of something good you have deliberately or unknowingly manifested if doubt arises. I have been inspired often by the changes I have seen within this community and difficult personal experiences so many of you have overcome and transformed into a new path/beginning. I love to hear your visions & mystical experiences too!

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