Cosmic/Solar Activity - July 26th - 28th, 2020 | Aluna Ash

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This message was posted around July 28, 2020

If we hold a belief individually that energy shifts, ascension, solar activity, certain transits, etc.. makes us feel like crap- we are locking into a paradigm and that's exactly what we will experience. There is nothing outside, the outside is a projection from the subjective that we interpret through electrical signals inside the brain and the many layers of our body/spheres of consciousness. It is like a feed-back system. We individually project onto a screen of space projected by Universal Mind (also within) then observe and feel our own projection at an individual level and collective level. It is all within. Which I know seems impossible because of the logic, reason and 5 senses of the mortal mind/the dual aspect of consciousness.

We see a mirage or optical illusion of reality in the way that we do for the experience, so I can be me you can be you, and they can be them. Use everything as an opportunity. If something unwanted shows up, see it as a challenge to intentionally use your creative power within. Our reactions tell us how we are inside- what body or house we are building. If you feel guided to relax, go for a walk, read, go within, start working on something, sleep or eat differently- listen to that. Innate self knows what to do.

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