Coffee with MarkZ, Q&A with Mr.C - July 31, 2020 (Video)

I am going to stop sharing the 'Restored Republic via a GCR' daily reports. Readers interested in getting regular updates can check the website directly (at

I have not be able to get complete confirmation from other sources about the actions related to the GCR/RV. I will continue to track the updates and share an update only when something big or substantial has happened.

I will be sharing the updates from MarkZ's weekday live streams from time to time since I believe this gives a more accurate picture of the ongoing events.

If readers are interested in daily updates they can directly check the daily videos on MarkZ's YouTube channel (at link below).

This particular update has Mr. C (Mr.Cottrell) joining the call and answering questions from forum members. Mr.C is a very experienced and knowledgable insider who will have a role to play when the actual GCR/RV happens.

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Duration: ~ 1 hr