Thursday, 25 June 2020

The Economic Battle Is On, [CB] Members Are Wealthy Elite, Reconcile - X22 Report, Financial Update, Episode 2207a - June 24, 2020 (Video)

This episode highlights the way the Central Banks, the US Federal Reserve have functioned and also takes a look at the personal wealth of the Directors of the US Fed.

It helps to keep reminding ourselves of the history of the US Fed and other Central Banks and how they have imposed debt slavery on us. Knowing the problem will help us co-create a solution and exercise our personal sovereignty.

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Financial Update

Report date: 06.24.2020

The [CB]/[DS] are trying to stop the economy from opening up, but the patriots will not let this happen. More businesses are opening, more states are allowing people to go back work, attend theaters etc.  Nothing can stop the economy from opening again. The [CB] establishment is made up of wealthy elite, the question is how did they become wealthy.

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