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'Tomorrow, Men Will Awaken!' - Monique Mathieu

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This channeled transmission was received by Monique Mathieu on May 9, 2020

Tomorrow, men will awaken!


“We have often tried to make you understand that fear is the worst thing for human beings, that it is the thing that they really must understand and especially evacuate.

Right now, a great part of humanity is submitted to this vibration especially by your medias and also by the waves that you are constantly picking up.”

They are showing me an image that is very curious: I see someone who is beating on a drum and the waves emitted by the sound spread out everywhere.

“Of course, this is an image, it is not the way that the manipulators practice, but in addition to this, a psychosis is created by the medias that send waves to all of humanity.

We are going to cite, because it is that way, the new world order. It has enormous powers that, obviously are not positive for humanity. It has at its disposition diverse technologies that go beyond you, and it is through these that they manipulate you, whether it is a mental manipulation, by “brainwashing” by order or by many, many programs that you do not know about. The new world order now has as a goal to succeed in what they have decided and programmed not since yesterday or the day before, but for tens, even hundreds of years.

It had done a programming that had as a goal, in a certain way, the appropriation of planet Earth with all that this consists of. Of course, it cannot appropriate human beings, but it wants to manipulate them, to make them slaves, sheep.

It knows that it will not succeed in putting this Machiavellian program into place (we do mean “Machiavellian”)!

We would however like to add this:

The new world order exists, certainly, but what is behind it is much more dangerous because it is not human! There are no sentiments, and obviously there is no compassion! There is not only greed for power and money, but there is something else as well! This “something else” will be revealed to you little by little, but it will cause an intervention on our part to be evident and necessary!

Even if a large part of humanity is still under control because it is fearful, another part of humanity will awaken more and more. Of course, it is this second part of humanity that will be prey to many menaces and disagreements.

However, the hold that these beings will have over those who resist will weaken more and more, and at that moment it will be like a snowball effect; those who were asleep will begin to awaken because we will diffuse some very special waves over planet Earth that we have not yet employed because it was not the moment. They will touch the consciences of human beings (we are not talking about the brain; we are saying the conscience) and at that moment they will constantly produce something like small electroshocks.

These little electroshocks, very light, will awaken humanity little by little. When humanity will begin to awaken, it will understand! It will understand that it has been a victim of a very small part of the world population, and also that it has been a victim of beings that it was not even aware of!

To be able to dominate an extremely fragile humanity, it was necessary for the beings who were a part of the new world order to generate fears that go beyond fear, fears that impregnate the unconscious and that will be difficult to get rid of because they are situated in a part of the being that one may not necessarily be aware of. They will provoke traumatisms, illnesses, and to heal them there is only one solution: to advance spiritually, refuse fears, and refuse the indoctrination!

We know very well, and it is for this that we will send these very special waves, that a great part of humanity does not have the capacity to refuse because they are paralyzed by fears.

There is not only the fear of this virus! Fears are distilled constantly! Humans have a fear of lack, fear of unemployment, fear of not being recognized, fear of illnesses, no matter what they are, and also the fear with a big capital P (?): the fear of dying!

If human beings had been educated like they should have been, all of these fears would no longer exist! If human beings knew, if they had been educated in a way that they would understand the passage from life in matter in the third dimension to life beyond matter that leads them to the true life, they would not have this fear, they would not be so easily manipulated, and the manipulators, who are very numerous in relation to the world population, would no longer have any power!

The true, the only power that they have is called fear, the fear of a thousand and one faces, the fear that, right now, has the face of an invisible virus! When something is invisible, humans give much more weight to the fear that is constantly inspired in them.

We have often spoken of this, we are not here to frighten anyone, we are simply there to tell you: stop your fears! Fear is your greatest enemy!

It is not the government leaders, it is not those who are above the government leaders and even beyond them that are your enemies, it is your own fears, your fragility, your weaknesses that are constantly nourished by those who wish to dominate you!

We speak about fears because they are an immense brake on evolution. If you wish to go towards a higher dimension, towards another way of being, of living, of thinking, of acting, of loving, you cannot bring that very low vibration towards the new world.

You must succeed in understanding your fears! You must also succeed in telling yourself: “for the moment I am in matter, I live with those I love, tomorrow I will still be alive but differently.”

Life is eternal! No one, no being, no matter who it is, can destroy life! Life begins when you are reincarnated in this world or elsewhere, but it is clothed differently. Life is eternal!

You are at the edge of an immense change! It will take place in each of you if you accept it! If you are fragile, if you still let yourself be manipulated, if you do not know how to say “no”, do you believe that you can accede to the new life, to the new world that we have been promising you for so many years now?

It will be very difficult, in front of the big door, to let go of all that belonged to you in the inferior dimension, if you have not done the work beforehand! You will be in front of the door of Light and you will not dare to go through it because you will feel too heavy; you will be weighed down by all that you have brought with you, all that no longer belongs to you, all that you have experienced as difficult.

So yes, you must let go! You must know how to say “no”, and for humans it is much more difficult than to say “yes”, because automatically this “no” can be followed by disagreeable problems.

To say “yes” is to submit, it is not to reclaim your sovereignty, your liberty, your right to be, very simply! We are not speaking about the right to live, we are speaking about the right to be, to be a human being, a respectable human being, a human being radiating Light and Love, a human being who also claims his immense possibility to love.

To say “no” is less easy, to say “yes” is much easier because you dissolve into the mass, into this lack of freedom, once again due to fears.

Therefore, try to understand your functioning, try to understand that in this moment of great, very great mutation of humanity, you exist! Try to understand that you must reclaim your existence! It does not belong either to the government, nor to a religion, nor to politics! Your right to exist belongs to yourself!

But do you know how to make use of your own rights? Do you not give all powers to others because you find them to be more intelligent, because they are beings of power, because they are religious leaders or scientists?

You can say that you do not know and that they know, but with what right? What do they know more than you? Do they know that you are divine beings? Do they know that in you there is a part of God that vibrates, that lives in the life in you? You are not just your body; you are well beyond that!

You can be ignorant of many things in relation to scientists, to religious leaders or politicians, etc., but you can go well beyond them, in the sense that if you are aware of what you are, nothing can have power over you!

Certainly, some beings can have the power of life and death since you are incarnated, but that power stops there! Is life on your Earth so marvelous when an extraordinary life awaits on the side?

We will open a small parenthesis by saying: even if life on the other side is marvelous, continue your life on Earth because it is your duty, because it is a part of all the experimentations that you have chosen to live and because your life can be much more useful to the multitude than you think! With what he radiates, with his specificities, with his Love, with his kindness, everyone is useful! Therefore, your life is useful, even if at times you feel heavy.

And at this moment you are experiencing a great period of heaviness, of obscurity, a great period where the energies that you can feel and receive are sometimes destabilizing, especially for those who listen and watch the medias constantly!

Free yourself from the medias! Listen to them with a distracted ear if that can help you to better understand what is surrounding you, but never enter into the energy of what is told you because there is a lot of misinformation!

It is not the fault of the journalists, they obey, just like those who are above them also, because the chain of obedience is rather elevated.

To obey yes, only if it is the evolutionary laws, laws that help humans to advance, which protect human beings! The evil laws that enclose the human being in suffering, in obscurity and in revolt have no existence, except for the laws that can generate fear in you.

Tomorrow, beings will awaken! “

© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu


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