'The RESToration - A Surrender into Light' | Rebecca Rose - Sirius Blue (Guided Meditation)

Content Source/OwnerRebecca Rose - Sirius Blue

Video direct urlhttps://youtu.be/i8QSDFXhzyE

Duration: ~ 53 min

This video was published on Apr 6, 2020

Video Intro (by Rebecca Rose - Sirius Blue):

An empowering guided meditation and Light Language channeling to aid you during this eventful, unprecedented time on Gaia. Somatic relaxation, Crystalline Diamond liquid light transmissions and an emanation of heart intention for Unity in our newly awakening world  - all aided by the healing wisdom of the Ancient Ones.  Explore the stability and support of your infinite self and be held.  

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"When we have the capacity and opportunity to express our truest self, the world becomes right again." ~Sirius Blue

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