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Taygeta - Pleiades: Why Are We Here? (Episode 2) - Sep 4, 2018 (Video)

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This video was published on Sep 4, 2018

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This is the second chapter of the series Talks with Swaruu, an extraterrestrial woman from Taygeta (Pleiades) with whom I am in contact almost daily talking about all types of topics that deal with our reality, spirituality, metaphysics, ancient history, alien life, health, soul, technology, and much more.

In this series I will share with you what I am learning, and so, little by little, together we will understand more all the ¨whys¨ of everything, who we are, where we come from, why we are here, and who our cosmic families are. We will understand more how the reality that surrounds us works, and what the universe in which we live consists of.

And above all, we will learn a lot about all the limiting beliefs that maintain the human population in the artificially placed Matrix, the 3D reality in which we are immersed. The key to leaving is in you!

I want to give eternal thanks to S'varúu for having patience and enthusiasm to be with me and explain so many topics of the reality. It is the dream come true, and a great honor, to have been able to meet her. If you also want the communication with star families, have patience, dreams come true, and what we project, we attract!

Thank you very much to all the Taygetans for your support.


Thank you! :)

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