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Great Awakening Activation, June Energy Update - Aluna Ash, May 27, 2020 (Video)

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This video was published on May 27, 2020

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When I say "Great Awakening" Activation- I am not speaking about politically- although there will be a lot of political stuff emerging (on all sides- in many ways) I don't side w/ either side- yet I respect all views & completely understand it's something many are passionate about.

This activation is a Greater Awakening of the Planetary Consciousness within & fueling a greater desire for Self Expression & equality within collective- Healing & Rise of the Divine Mother/Feminine in all (emotions, beliefs, Heart, self expression, sensuality, soul, subconscious...) It is the beginning of major solid changes developing after this recent Collective Turning Point. The elements are becoming pretty active.

I posted a few days ago on my fb Aluna Ash Soul Family Page (5/24) & a couple days ago on Patreon (5/25) about experiencing & seeing the complete opening in Earth's magnetic field- for months but this was confirmed w/ an experience I had with my inner Spiritual sight on 24th (i know there are changes in Earths magnetic field--this complete opening has NOT happened yet!) But I saw it. I saw an opening- complete split, the sky filled with plasma & the elements reacting, then a re-building of the Earth's magnetic field but it was not the same- it looked new.

This can be the field of consciousness we have been focusing on showing up as healing the Earth's Aura- the mental/emotional body of the Planetary Body. I have never seen anything like this- and I feel it is something that will be measured, known & talked about in the "future." I know there was an article posted a couple days after I talked about this on fb & patreon, further confirming I should mention it & my experience.

** I will be uploading more on June energy- Eclipses & Planetary Galactic Activation soon, turn on your notification bell💜

Thank you all for your continued support, insights, guidance & love! And thanks for sharing all your beautiful sky pics🤗

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