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BARDA Whistle blower Links to Health Mafia - May 17, 2020 (Video)

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This video was published on May 17, 2020

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I end this one with some GOOD NEWS! But first, I look at Patrick Vallance & the UK's formerly secret Science Advisory panel which leads me to more Global Healh Mafia connections... and a connection back to the current self-described 'whistleblower.'  Turns out they are all vaccine pushers, of course.

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Corey’s Digs:

Rick Bright ‘Whistle Blower’: Secret Scientific Advisory Board:

SUN (UK) on Patrick Vallance:

Gates’ Grant to Imperial College:

Glaxo-Smith Cline announcement:

CEPI document:

WEF Vallance article:

Medicines for Malaria:

WHO scientific advisory group Farrar Bright:

Medicines for Malaria Ventures board:


 PATH Vietnam Season Flu vaccine:

PATH VIETNAM Digital tracking of vaccinations:


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