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'How To Heal From Painful Childhood Trauma' by Christina Lopes (Video)

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This video was originally published on Mar 16, 2018.

Video Intro (by Christina Lopes):

In this video, I talk about painful childhood trauma and also share an essential tool that can help you heal from the past, as I did! If you've experienced significant trauma in your life, this video is for you.

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This content is from Christina's website on Working with your Inner Child:

In each one of us resides a tender inner child that needs love. It might sound weird to some but we’re not just one cohesive person: we have many different parts of us that reside in the unconscious.

The inner child is that part of you that loves to giggle and play. It’s the part that sees the world as an exciting place for adventure.

Unfortunately, it’s also the part of us that is many times deeply wounded from childhood trauma. When something painful happens to us in childhood, there's a part of our unconscious mind that becomes stunted: it never fully grows up.

And that wounded inner child can really mess our lives up as adults because when this part of us does not feel safe for any reason, it can take over and start making decisions.

For me, my wounded inner child would always be on alert when I got close to someone. Intimacy was such an issue for the unhealed little girl still residing in my mind because of the sexual trauma she endured.

So my inner child would never let me have intimate, loving relationships. She would close down and run away whenever someone interesting showed up.

But you can heal that part of you with care, compassion, and attention. You heal the inner child in the same way you would help an actual child: speaking to them tenderly, listening to them, giving them unconditional love.

And without a healed inner child, your heart won’t be able to open up fully.


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