Thursday, 8 August 2019

The House of Egorov - Expedition of 2018 (Video)

Content Source/Owner: Адвокат Егоров Live

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Duration: 31 mins

Outline of this video by the creator (Advocate Egorov):

It's almost a silent movie about the first week of my holiday 2018. This week I have time to update this dam on the Creek, to organize the canopy in case of rain, to (clear) land in a forest, new saplings are rare, valuable and endangered trees and to take care of last year and the year before the seedlings. 

This year I spent a lot of manpower for cutting of granite stairs in my man-made pool. The wooden staircase is still strong, but 10-15 years and it will fall apart, and the granite stairway is likely to outlive me... If the Great pyramid has survived the pharaohs, the granite staircase in the rock may serve not less.

In 2018, there were many projects and this video will be at least another 3 parts. Judging by video footage I put in 20 days of vacation, four weeks of adventure.

1 minute video overview of last years
2:00 brief overview of the holiday projects 2018 4:12 the beginning of a detailed video transfer equipment 5:20 vertical grill and baked eggplant 8:12 overview of my arboreta (two plots) 8:40 cleaning bath and the extraction of sapropel 9:22 from sapropel – best fertilizer 9:47 Sapropel and belokoneva permaculture 11:00 raise the dam – the granite embankment for baths 11:45 boarding of black walnut, this plant is gorgeous, elegancki birch,... 12:55 the organization of draining the pool 14:49 of the second review of arboretum 15:29 ukha – fish soup 16:00 of sawing rock 16:12 lifehack how to protect the GRINDERS (grinder) of stone dust 16:45 lifehack how to protect the GRINDERS (grinder) overheating 18:25 lifehack how to Unscrew the nut on angle GRINDERS (grinder) is the fastest way without a key 18:47 improvised chisel (chisel I took) 20:08 how to do everything – to wash feet 21:00 the invasion of the frogs. The Plague Of Egypt? 22:08 spice hammer 23:16 smolokurnya and perch on the fire 24:09 clearing of land falls under the project water supply akviduk clepsydra of IDUs 26:48 the descent of the water of the bath 27:38 project – carport-type hangar


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