Sunday, 11 August 2019

Grid Work, Timeline Linking 8/4 - Aluna Ash Update, Aug 4, 2019 (Video)

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This video was originally published on August 5, 2019.

Video Intro (by Aluna Ash):

When I was sent to Manhattan, NY last week,  I was told there's clearing, activations & changes taking place & more coming with the Grid.

I've also been noticing a lot of changes with the trees... I'm not talking about the physical- the energy body/etheric body/aura of the trees are changing. But if the energy is changing, the physical will follow.

There are different ways you can do grid work for the planet. Even just staying home, meditating, being kind, getting out of judging others, etc... is connecting to the New Earth grid. Duality, judgement, hate... (which I know isn't easy at times & at first) is like a virus growing out of control damaging the body we are existing within- the Planet. The Planet is sentient, has a spirit/soul/higher self & etheric body double and there are NO owners. Humans do not own the Earth, and never have.. We are guests within a body. Like cells within a body. 

Here's a few visualizations in case anyone is interested:

1) Ground, pull the energy of the Earth through your root chakra & to your heart. Go up through your heart thread up through the crown/top of head and directly through a ball of light feet above your head. Imagine following the heart thread past the light and all the way to the physical sun, then through the physical sun and to the Central Sun. Imagine a bright blue light of the Central Sun and bring it back down the heart thread through the physical sun, your Soul light above your head, into the crown chakra/top of the head and down into your heart. You can also push this energy down through your root and to the physical Earth then the light of the Central Earth.

2) Imagine being within a large triangle, the point of the triangle pointing up. The point is the monad. The sides is the masculine & feminine charges. 

3) You can work in groups of 3 & do triad linking with other people. Ground, link to the Central Sun through the Heart Thread. Imagine your triad/triangle to balance your field connecting the Monad & equal balance of the electric/masculine & magnetic/feminine. Then imagine yourself as one point of a bigger triangle connected to 2 other people.

4) Easy way to connect to the akashic field:

Make the intention to access the akashic field & recieve whatever information is best for you at the moment. Ground, pull light in from above & create your triad to balance your field, then imagine a vortex of energy at your Thymus... between the throat chakra & heart chakra. Go in through the Thymus (higher heart) and go up to the chakra just above the head, this will take you higher to the akashic field in your Soul consciousness. As you go in through the Thymus and to the 8th chakra above the head/crown- you may see a flash of an image entering the akashic field. I see a golden arch way- every time. Then we may see flashes of geometry, images, colors, etc.. the messages are then registered in the subconscious and will manifest into your conscious awareness through projection. 


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