Sunday, 11 August 2019

'Everyday Practice Series - Session 2 - Letting Go & Falling Through' by Rebecca Barfoot

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As we work with releasing long held tensions in the physical body, stillness emerges and surrender begins.  This guided meditation provides a gentle holding place for you to begin exploring surrender through the infinite portal of the body, the breath - and Gaia herself.

This is the second essential guided meditation that forms the basis of the Everyday Practice Series.  Familiarity with Session One is recommended.

'Letting Go & Falling Through'  is geared toward anyone at any stage of the journey.  Contains both lying down and seated posture.

Running time:  58 minutes, includes some passages of light language.

The Everyday Practice Series provides a step-by-step guided training to develop the basic and brilliant awareness that exists within you in every moment.  These practices  stabilize the mind, relax the body and open the heart.  - Rebecca

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