Energy Update 8/6 - Aluna Ash Update, Aug 6, 2019 (Video)

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This video was originally published on August 6, 2019.

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And I totally get it for those who don't believe that the Event has already happened...I know if I had come across my own channel years ago, I wouldn't believe me either 😂 or if I didn't experience it myself, i'm not sure i would believe someone telling me it happened. so i get that also. But we are living on both sides.. some just may see it/experiences their "other side" more or happened to in that moment of the Rainbow Wave Event in March 2018.

My mother had already decided she would be transitioning about a yr prior to the March 2018 event, and she experienced in a different way. It was on the same day, same time, just brighter bigger & was pink/light wave then a brighter light & she only felt love, peace & bliss.

She told me it was The Event that helped her to accept letting go of the physical & finalize her decision to move on from this experience (she transitioned 10 months after the Event). She had a choice, we all do at a Soul level.

The next Event is still the same Event, its just being experienced by other fragments of the timeline that already exists... they filter down.