Winter in Ladakh | A White Winter | Episode #1 (Video)

Content Source/Owner: India In Motion

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Duration: 5 min 11 sec

This video was originally published on June 21, 2017.

Video Intro (by India In Motion):

I planned to spend 2 months in Ladakh last winter to capture time-lapse videos of its winter scenery. But then I arrived in Leh to find a very dry landscape bereft of any snow. It hadn't snowed at all that winter and everyone was bit worried about the changing weather.

I was worried as well, for my own selfish reasons. I needed snow for my time-lapse videos. What happened next? 

This video is part of my 'Behind the Timelapse' series giving you a glimpse into the making of my time-lapse videos. It is the first time I'am doing something like this. So any tips and suggestions are always welcome.



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