Twinsouls Channeled Messages - 23-JUN-19 - Aluna Ash (Video)

Content Source/Owner: Aluna Ash- 9D

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"Become and embody your new vibration to see a new paradigm"

The lower chakras are clearing our old templates connected to our lineage & bloodline and also Collective programming. This is in order to move into the Heart chakra. So there's a lot of activity and clearing that's taking place in the root, sacral and solar plexus- and the heart.

And because this clearing is taking place for so many causing the Heart is being activated- it's causing more & more people to no longer "need" external confirmation or guidance, as their knowing from within becomes stronger and stronger. This is a process that takes time to develop and at times we can all easily slip into that place of doubt and uncertainy. When this happens, breathe & go back into your Heart & surrender.