New Earth, The Event, Government Structures 6/6 - June 6, 2019 - Aluna Ash Update

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This video was published on June 6, 2019.

Video Intro (by Aluna Ash):

The Being that came to me is saying that more & more will be having these experiences. 

*** yes, these waves are one right after the other & will only be picking up. Each month is more. July is the 13th moon cycle, activation point and eclipses- which is connected to the Incarnation process meaning it creates a huge shift in energy on the planet. All energy is different, all shifts are different.   

I have experienced The Event physically already, and many others. It is a continuous multidimensional process that is unfolding collectively.

We are REALLY being pushed right now from the depths of our Souls, and its not easy. Be kind to yourself. I believe the solar energy coming in activates the energy of the transits even more too.

** I should have clarified- we still go through the process of physical transition when that time comes, but before that time comes, for many we are going through the spiritual, alchemical merge that takes place (for most) only during the at physical transition.

Channeled Messages:

-Next wave hitting: around June 13th 

-July is setting off the imprinting energy for the whole bunch of New Souls (which are Master Souls) coming in after the eclipses (Solar & Lunar) The eclipses imprint the energetic signature of the Souls prior to incarnation. So your imprint is the eclipse the took place before your birth. 

-The Sky will look different more and more as more of the waves come. Its a frequency/dimensional shift- more spectrums of light will be seen.

-From what I'm getting, it seems like July will be one long cosmic wave. Right now we are and have been, clearing and integrating for the energy to come. 

Things seem to change more rapid as Pluto hits "new degrees" when it comes to the government. Planets/spheres/realms are important with how things operate- all connected, like a timing transmission system. Pluto spends about 30 yrs in each sign. So Pluto in Capricorn the restructuring is a long process. The recent Souls coming in with Pluto in Capricorn AND Pluto South Node are very important with the restructuring along with the children that have been here since Pluto entered Capricorn.

*I was getting a lot about "Pluto and new degrees in Capricorn" in connection to government structures. Which lead me to March 2020. March 2020 is significant with solar activity.

-A message from the Earth:

"those that think they own me, have a lot to learn. Those that think I've been taken from THEIR ownership have even more to learn." Basically we ALL are guests- she, the Earth, is the being which allowed us to experience this reality. She is not owned, has never been owned and will never be owned. New Earth is her taking back her divine sovereignty as a being from ALL that have claimed ownership of all races/ all bloodlines. She is not anyone's to own. She is a being of her own.

***I still have my emails, fb, insta, messenger notifications on mute due to a partial "isolation" practice during last stage of meditation & purification practice I've been doing, but they will be back on soon!