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Trending Telepathy ∞The 9D Arcturian Council - Daniel Scranton

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This transmission was posted on June 26, 2019.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a wide array of perspectives to hold at one time, because we are a collective, and we are able to look in on more beings than we could ever count simultaneously. You are quite the collective yourselves there on Earth, and we can see when you are trending in a certain direction.

You may know about the hundredth monkey phenomenon. It is a theory based on scientific experiments that says: once the hundredth monkey knows how to do something, they all do. It is the critical mass point for the consciousness of the monkey. Again, this is based on experiments, and you can look it up on the Internet for more information about it.

You, as a human collective, have been discovering that you have abilities to communicate with one another, telepathically, and you also have discovered that you can communicate with your plants and animals in the same way. We notice that this ability has been increasing in those of you who are awake, and we can see that you are nearing the critical mass point for the human collective consciousness. And so, soon people who would never expect to send or receive a telepathic message are going to have that experience and wonder why they are having that experience.

We recommend that those of you who are awake and who are receiving this transmission use your gift of telepathy on a more consistent basis. You want to have a level of expertise in this so that you can help others who will be discovering their telepathic abilities soon enough.

When you are linked telepathically in a stronger way, this is going to help all of you to feel more compassion for one another. This is going to bring humanity together as whole. This gift you are all developing is therefore crucial in the ascension process. Use it, and appreciate it. Now is the time to reach out more and also to receive more from one another.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Portals to 4D Arcturians ∞The 9D Arcturian Council - Daniel Scranton

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This transmission was originally posted on June 25, 2019.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have opened many portals for humanity over the past few weeks. We have been co-creating with the human collective consciousness, and the portals that we have opened are about sharing more of the Arcturian collective consciousness that exists in the fourth dimension in our star system. You have had more direct contact with physical Arcturian beings as a result, and some of you are aware of this contact. The biggest aspect of the sharing has been to make more of humanity aware of the importance of going within, being present, and meditating.

These three approaches to your spirituality could not be more important at this time, and these are all aspects of spirituality that have been mastered by the fourth dimensional Arcturians whose collective consciousness is now more firmly connected with yours. There is a greater exchange of energy going on between humanity and those fourth dimensional Arcturians. What do you have to share, you might wonder?

Well, remember, Earth has far more diversity than any other planet, or moon, or asteroid, or any place where life can exist in the entire galaxy. The fact that you are co-existing at all there on Earth is fascinating to many beings. There is a great amount of creativity within the human spirit as well, and you have been able to endure much more than the average race of beings here in this galaxy.

So, there are many who take an interest in you and who want to see how you are going to come together and harmonize in such a way that the shift for humanity is not only inevitable, but also an enjoyable experience. That is what you are creating right now. You are co-creating a better shift in consciousness for humanity, and the way that you will accomplish this is not by defeating anyone or anything. It will not be by separating yourselves from any others. It will be by being present, going within, and having a consistent meditation practice. These are your best tools as individuals and as a collective.

We know this from experience, and so do the fourth dimensional Arcturians. Many humans know this as well, and you are going to recognize the presence of these individuals when you see them, when you hear from them, when they walk into a room, and even when you read something that they have written. This is how you will do it; this is how you will ascend with grace, ease and joy.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


'Wisdom' - Kryon Channelling Transcript # 195 (McCaysville, Georgia. Jul 7, 2018)

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This message on wisdom was given at one of Lee's favorite places to channel: "The Temple of Wisdom" at Delphi University in Georgia. It's a discussion of what wisdom really is, and how we are starting to understand that we don't have the whole story - even if many think they do.

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Channelling Transcript #: 195

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This live channelling was given at Delphi University
July 7, 2018

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Georgia.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It would astonish you to know the length of time that your soul has been here on the planet in some form or another. These are the things that hide completely behind a veil of appropriateness. What I mean by that is that it doesn't really serve you to constantly be interrupted by energies of the past. So, esoterically for you, there is always the feeling that, perhaps, this is it - the only life you get. You should know that, on purpose, there is no real proof that there is more than this. There is nobody who might come back and touch you on the shoulder and say, "Look, it’s me! I'm still here!" So, dear ones, all that I speak about and all that I am as Kryon and represent as truth is something you trust is real by having faith and by using spiritual logic and intuition.

Changes in Wisdom are Ahead

The Human condition is changing, and what is actually moving in that change is the Human toolkit of wisdom. Wisdom, of all of the things in your purview, is one of the only things that is tied to almost everything else. It's tied to intuition. It's tied to your Akash, and it's tied to something new for you. This new attribute is something you will name eventually, but some have other names for the feeling that you belong here spiritually. It’s a feeling of knowing when things are correct. It’s a knowingness inside you that will involuntarily nod in agreement when you hear the wisdom of the ages and can sense that it’s accurate.

This is something new that some of you are going to experience soon. You'll begin to have an evolution of the "intuitiveness of truth". Things will begin to ring with the purity of truth in a way that you can measure with your body’s reaction. Something will happen - perhaps it will be a motion, perhaps it will be a feeling, maybe chills, or something else. Perhaps it will be something that will just ring with correctness for you and you will know it’s correct.

Now, this is new in that in an older energy, it wasn't there - not like what I’m describing. Some women will say, "Well, I have intuition of that very thing in an older energy." Dear ones, not to the degree you will today and not to the degree that all Humans will feel eventually. For whereas it might have belonged to women because they have better intuition in general, or because of a connection in their brains that's different biologically, now it’s available for all of humanity. So you might say the very physics of the reality that you sit in is starting to change. You might even say that you and those around you are becoming wiser.

Wisdom Defined

Wisdom is a very interesting study. If you want to take a look at the wisdom of humanity, it has had a very interesting background since it really isn't wisdom at all. It’s a limited version of self-congratulation. At the level of the evolution of your consciousness, it is a self-enclosed wisdom. It's the kind of a wisdom that would congratulate itself for being so wise. We will call this "bridled wisdom" or "confined wisdom".

We sit in a place called the Temple of Wisdom today in this university and, by the very name "temple", it would indicate the wisdom of God, the creative source, a source that is above all sources and involves great compassion and love. One of the interesting things about true wisdom is that it's quiet. It's knowing, and it involves more than just thinking. The famous statue of "The Thinker" might bring you to the conclusion that the thinker is also wise. That's not necessarily true. He's just thinking about it. So to your perception of the past, wisdom is almost always connected to the brain. How intellectual is the person who is wise?

I have told you before and I'll tell you again: Wisdom without love is nothing but words. Wisdom without the foundation of compassion is not wisdom. It's just postulations for contemplation - a circle of thinking for the sake of thinking. Real wisdom is the result of love and compassion working together in a way that examines that which is beautiful, core, spiritual truth. Out of that comes the wisdom of the ages that you have longed for. The brain cannot give you wisdom. It can give you high thinking and the illusion of wisdom. But it can only give you what I will call "bridled wisdom", wisdom that is contained in a fence of self-congratulations.

There is a famous story: There are those who wish to open a door, so they slam their heads against the door over and over and over. The door, by the way, never opens, but they congratulate themselves for slamming their heads. After a while, they stop slamming their heads and proclaim the door has opened, even though it never did. Some even give their lives to slam their head against the door in an attempt to be part of the self-congratulations that the door has opened, when it actually didn't. After a period of time, they realize the door must be opened again, even though it never opened the first time. So they come back and slam their heads against it yet again.

Every single time they do the head-slamming pseudo-door-opening, they congratulate themselves when they're finished, and they even talk about the wisdom that it took to accomplish the slamming of their heads. This is humanity at its best in an old energy you grew up within. You know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you? After a period of time they slam their heads, yet again. Sometimes the door has different names. Sometimes the doors are different, but they never actually open. Even at that, there is somehow the self-delusion and the cycle of self-congratulations ensues. There is an acknowledgement of wisdom that never occurred because it is in a circle of false logic and mythology, and it never really gets past the Human brain’s idea of what it means to have the door open.

Along comes a person with the key for the door and opens it easily. Door authorities are shocked, and they quickly take that person and tell him never to come back. It’s because they know that now they are dealing with the devil or the occult - for the one with the key had solutions that were outside of the reality of anything a Human was supposed to be able to do. Therefore, they slam the door shut and continue to beat their heads against it to try and open it their way. After all, head-slamming is now a respected and expected way of working with the door.

The wisdom of the ages comes from a dysfunctional mindset that believes it is wise when it isn't and congratulates itself for things that it made up or perceived in ignorance as truth. We have given you a saying: "A fool does not know they're a fool." So the head-slamming door openers have the same attribute. They can be ultra-foolish and never see it or know it. They will walk and talk in foolish ways and never realize it. Others, however, are starting to see it immediately. The Human race does not know it is dysfunctional. It is just now climbing out of this self-proclamation of what it believes wisdom is. But indeed, it's starting to climb out of the fool’s shell that it has been within.

The Emerging New Wisdom

"Unbridled wisdom" (the real thing) is complicated and it's very different from what you have been told wisdom is supposed to look like. It doesn't belong to the intellectual thinker, dear ones. It belongs to the compassionate Human. Wisdom takes a new direction that you've never even thought of, since it isn’t taught. Did the masters of this planet have wisdom? If so, how much noise did they make? The answer is none. They sat and were quiet, yet the wisdom that exuded out of all of them was the profound wisdom of the ages. They could look at you and melt your heart with the love and compassion of the Creator, and the result was pure wisdom.

Bridled wisdom, or "wisdom in a box", makes a lot of noise and proclaims itself as truth. It markets itself within a wisdom hierarchy, where it is the "best wisdom". It overthinks itself, creates mythologies to justify itself, and kills to survive. Yet in all this dysfunction, it cannot see that it is broken.

"Unbridled wisdom" does not come from the brain. Instead, it comes from the cells. However, this statement will get you into the argument that biology is simply chemistry. The forward thinker, however, may instead ask, "What really, truly, might be inside your DNA? Could there be multidimensional chemistry? If so, what would that contain?"

Do you believe in the Human Merkabah, an energy field, which represents multidimensional biology? Perhaps it’s a profound spiritual field? Elisha (II Kings - The Holy Bible) saw it! Did you know it’s huge? It’s eight meters wide! [26 feet] It has profound patterns and fractals, too. If you have studied the Flower of Life information, you have seen the immensity, complexity and potential of the Merkabah. But wait, I said it was multidimensional, not esoteric - that means it’s physics! Correct. There will come a day when there is an acknowledgement that God (the master Creator) is the master physicist and, therefore, the study of physics is simply the study of a spiritual master plan of profound physics. Indeed, there will come a day when you simply can no longer separate science and spirituality.

This Merkabah is filled with patterning that someday you can see. It’s inevitable that science will someday evolve to a place where it will discover the ability to observe multidimensional and quantum patterning. When you do, it will be revolutionary and will create a huge realization that every Human has a spiritual and health pattern. Science will see it around every Human, and the patterning itself will be diagnostic as to how healthy they are, how balanced they are, and perhaps even how many past-lives they have had. This is coming, but in this Merkabah, I ask the question, "How is it generated? Where does it come from?"

There would be those who might say, "Well, it comes from the soul." Then you might ask, "Well then, where is the soul?" This is the logic that will lead to many answers, none of which will be true. You are guessing, based on intellectual wisdom.

The true answer is a wise one, and it's a lot more practical than anything you might think. Where does the Merkabah come from? It comes right from that which is your collective DNA, for dear ones that beautiful ancient DNA comes right from the stars. The patterning within the multidimensional parts of the DNA creates that which is your Human Merkabah and it’s sacred. It contains not only the wisdom of your planet, but of the cosmos itself. There will come a day when you must acknowledge that your biology has a place that is beyond Human logic, and instead is part of the wisdom of the Creator - and it isn’t created in the brain.

There is something else in the DNA as well. It’s "the memory of everything". It’s the memory of your Akash on the planet. Who were you? What have you accomplished life after life. Did you learn anything? So the greatest "unbridled wisdom" on the planet is going to come right from the old souls who may even sit right here. It's the same wisdom that the masters had, and it comes from the same place. It has nothing to do with intellectual pursuit, and it knows better than to slam its head against a door called mythology. It is firmly grounded in actual, practical history of your galaxy.

Who were the greatest thinkers of history? Some say the Greeks. Note that they made their Gods dysfunctional, to match Human nature. They were, therefore, very good at making their "wisdom door"’ one that never opened to anything that was more than intellectual pursuit, or the idea that God was just like a Human. The real wisdom was to come much later.

The Coming Evolvement of the New Wisdom of Humanity

"Unbridled wisdom" will be quiet, and out of the depths of the Akashic Record it will pull out what worked, not what didn't work. It will start having memories that are positive, not negative. "Unbridled wisdom" will start to understand itself and will ponder the compassion of creation. Here are five of the attributes to look for in an evolved Human:

Number one: They will be quiet - no chest pounding.

Number two: They will realize that everything they know is a fraction of what exists. Therefore, there is humility for what they do not know.

Number three: They will always be ready for the unexpected and never consider anything to be "complete".

Number four: They will love unconditionally and profoundly. They will love humanity and the earth in an obvious way.

Number five: They will have "extended" compassion - something you haven’t seen yet.

These would be the wisest ones on the planet, and they are coming. The greatest wisdom on the planet will come not from "high thinking", but from that which has been experienced over eons of time by humanity. Only old souls will have this. The Akash within the DNA is awakening with this attribute, and you will see it first in the new children who are arriving after 2012. Even now, you are seeing the difference between children who are "smart" and children who are "wise beyond their years".

The Practical

What can you take away from this discussion of a new kind of wisdom? It will start changing the way everything works, and that may be fearful to some. Change is that way. It starts to change everyday life and things that have been the same for eons. It starts to morph "normal" into something else.

This new, evolving Human nature will affect the way you do business. Business leadership will start to understand that employees are true Human resources and are the most valuable things that exist on the planet. Therefore, they are more family than workers, and there must be caring in the workplace. The bottom line for new business will be a combination of financial outcome and how the "family" is doing who work in the company. What can management do to make the "work experience" more peaceful and productive for all those who work there? Large corporations will become large families, and workers may never want to leave because they are taken care of in many ways. Is this some kind of a Pollyanna, pie-in-the-sky dream? Dear ones, it's already here in some cultures.

What would wisdom look like in politics? We have covered this before, but some need to hear it again. There will come a day when if one candidate will criticize another in a non-ethical way, you'll drop them. You will do it because this will show you who they really are. If one candidate speaks harshly of their opponent and calls them unkind names, you'll drop them. Unkindness is a transparent window for you to see into their personality, and the public will be repelled by it. Voters will expect integrity, honesty, compassion and kindness, even within the heat of disagreement of ideas. Suddenly there will be the evolvement of the political process, and one side will not have to slaughter the other one in order to be understood or to win. Winning through misinformation will be seen as dishonest and unacceptable.

That's going to change the way politicians campaign, dear ones, and it’s coming. You'll find that they can't be nice enough to each other! However, when the public starts changing what they expect, many old politicians will react and try to match that expectation in order to be elected. But if it’s fake, you'll see through that, too. On a public stage, a Human can’t pretend to be kind and compassionate if it’s not who they actually are. Reality shows quickly.

The first time you have a contest where two or more candidates come along with compassion and mean it, and really like their opponents, it will be such a breath of fresh air for you! You will actually start listening to opposing ideas and won’t concentrate on the negative. You will see the difference and realize it’s a real game changer. It's going to change who is elected. Because the one who is elected will then go on to expect integrity from those she/he works with beneath them in the leadership role. It's going to change everything because it comes from that which is not the heart, but a DNA that is evolving. Compassion will be the new gold standard.

Your Amazing Differences are your Strength

Look around this room. Some may ask: "What have you all been through?" The answer is everything. Look at the genders in the room and realize this: You've all switched them! Each man has been a woman. Each woman has been a man, many times. You keep trading places. Each one of you has full Human experience. Each one of you has experienced the joys and the horrors of life, and this creates a wisdom that could never be generated simply by the intellect of the Human’s brain or through thought alone. Dear one, you're getting closer to the creative source and the original teaching the Pleiadians gave you. You are beginning to see the "oneness with everything" on this planet and it is changing the way you think.

Right now, the wisest one on the planet may very well be a tree hugger! That person is connected to Gaia and has the wisdom of the ages sensed through the roots that go directly into the earth. As the tree breathes what you exhale, it becomes one with you and you with it. The emotion you feel is that which is nature, your partner, and it’s the wisest partner you could ever have. Gaia is love. If you could impart that feeling and turn it upon humanity, it would change everything. Many will cry when they realize that this is impossible. However, one by one, much of humanity will see this in its own way and gaze out over the vista of the beauty of nature and start to understand that it may actually have a "knowingness" of humanity.

The indigenous taught this. Nature (Gaia) knows humanity - and this beautiful energy can be accessed! The indigenous of the planet had far greater wisdom than you do today, only because they understood the connection with all things. So that's the next step. We speak about your DNA. We speak about the Akash (your past-life wisdom) that is there to help you to develop the compassion and the love for other Humans. And we tell you that your ancestors are part of you - exactly as the indigenous knew.


The final one is a profound connection with the earth. Some of the wisest on the planet through the ages have been those who are shamanic and who were connected to the planet in such a way that it's hard to tell the difference between the nature and them. They understood the "oneness" of things and could do all manner of seemingly miraculous things. That's the way it works, for Gaia is a living partner. Through the ages, much of this has been forgotten. However, when you start to understand the energy of the grids and how they come together to actually guide and help you, you begin to understand the reality of all this.

Another attribute of wisdom is the realization of how you are connected to that which we call "the field". Is it possible that simply walking around the earth connects you to all things in a certain way? Might there be a coherence between you, your consciousness and all that is? As you walk from A to B, do you feel that there is another presence with you? You might say, "Well, that's God." Maybe it isn't. Maybe instead it's the God part of you connected to all that is on the planet, working together for you in a special arrangement. The field is something that always has been there, dear ones, but only in this new energy is it being seen, measured, and analyzed. This is part of the evolution of your consciousness, where you are actually starting to look at consciousness as a "player" in the physics of what creates your current "dimensional reality" (how you perceive yourselves).

The Mastery of Silence

The masters of the planet look you in the eye and they say very little. Nature does the same, and the elementals are the same. All of these energies say very little. You can transmit love, compassion and incredible wisdom simply by walking where you have always walked and knowing who you are. Everything melds into one.

It's almost as if your wisdom and the light coming from your Merkabah spread themselves wherever you go and gently touch others in an esoteric way. Some around you will be affected and may eventually ask: "How do you have peace over these things? I'm in the same condition you are and I see you are peaceful. I'm not." This is an invitation for compassion. You can begin to speak to them about how a bigger perspective of who they are creates a wisdom of peace. You can gently let them know what you have discovered - that you are not a victim of the world and that Humans are individually in control of who they are and what they can do, and not what they have been told by others. This would be your wisdom, coming from your experience of walking from A to B because of who you are - a magnificent, beautiful, Human Being on the planet.

This Merkabah of yours is going to play a bigger part than you know in the future of civilization. That's its design. That's why it is there. Think of the Merkabah as a multidimensional, biological part of you that has always been with you and that some have sensed from the beginning. Even without the instruments to see it, many have studied and taught about it. However, you still have no idea what's actually there. "Unbridled wisdom" is the ability to understand that you don't know everything, but are ready to see beyond a barrier of belief that currently hides things from you. "Unbridled wisdom" is a wisdom that wants to sit and be quiet and simply ponder the beauty of all that is and be satisfied with that until greater knowledge is unveiled.

The most exciting thing for a guru is to be quiet for a year. That is internal wisdom, unbridled, not self-congratulatory, and open for what it doesn’t know yet. The one who sits in quietness and absorbs everything else that's quiet has "unbridled wisdom". Again, an example of closed Human consciousness is this: "A fool does not know he is a fool." But unbridled wisdom is when a Human knows he can’t "look up" into a higher dimension of thinking, and indeed might be foolish, but he also acknowledges that there is more there than he knows now and that it’s actually reachable and is his - in time.

The wisdom tools are inside of you, all of them. Collectively, the coherence that you can generate working within one group, when you all totally realize it, is enormous. What you can do collectively for this planet, even in your quietness and in your silence, is amazing. It redefines wisdom as you know it, and replaces it as a practical energy instead of just a lovely concept.

Nothing is by accident in the room. All of these things, dear ones, are starting to be revealed in this age and in this time. How wise are you? Can you even begin to get in touch with what we have called your cellular structure? Did you know it has an intelligence that is slightly apart from your consciousness? Have you heard of your innate? All of these things are part of a new, wiser Human who says, "I don’t really understand the minutia of these things, but I am fully aligned with them and am ready to use whatever part of these esoteric things that will help my life and those around me."Some of these things were never taught to you in school or taught anywhere at all! Not even in spiritual systems did you hear these things. Does that make them incorrect, dear ones, or does it tell you there are new things happening here?


Can you really believe the things you are hearing here or that there is a personal energy you "ride in" called your Merkabah? Can you believe that Human nature itself can evolve? Some of these things are hard to understand for those who are listening now and later. I know this, and I wish to tell you that this is like any advanced teaching. There will come a day where there is an "aha" when these ideas snap into place and you will know them. Right now, you are learning to be wise. Later there will come a time when you will say, "I am indeed wise, because now I know and before I did not."

That's where humanity is headed eventually, at whatever speed it wishes to go. That's the free choice of what it's like to have two steps forward and one back. The battle of light and dark and duality that is in front of you is new, and you are slowly winning this battle. Don't be frightened if things seem different, dear ones, because they are. Don't be frightened of change, because there will be much. Instead, claim that wisdom that says, "I expect the unexpected. I expect a benevolent outcome, because that is who I am." Be peaceful with the next step, even if it’s unknown.

We speak today from Delphi University in the Temple of Wisdom, again in honor of those who created it and the forethought they had. They had no idea that it was built for a future that no Human knew was coming, but that now is the actual place from where that unknown future is being taught.

And so it is.



Twinsouls Channeled Messages - 23-JUN-19 - Aluna Ash (Video)

Content Source/Owner: Aluna Ash- 9D

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Video Intro (by Aluna Ash):

#Twinsouls #Twinflames #TheShift

"Become and embody your new vibration to see a new paradigm"

The lower chakras are clearing our old templates connected to our lineage & bloodline and also Collective programming. This is in order to move into the Heart chakra. So there's a lot of activity and clearing that's taking place in the root, sacral and solar plexus- and the heart.

And because this clearing is taking place for so many causing the Heart is being activated- it's causing more & more people to no longer "need" external confirmation or guidance, as their knowing from within becomes stronger and stronger. This is a process that takes time to develop and at times we can all easily slip into that place of doubt and uncertainy. When this happens, breathe & go back into your Heart & surrender.


Tuesday, 25 June 2019

The Dark Night of the Soul ∞The 9D Arcturian Council - Daniel Scranton

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This transmission was originally posted on June 24, 2019.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been very impressed with the way that all of humanity has been exploring the depths of your being-ness. We see and feel more self-awareness within the average human than we have ever witnessed previously on Earth. Therefore, it is a wonderful time for those of you who have been awake and on the leading edge of consciousness to be talking about your experiences with handling the darkness, the negativity, the things that you were once ashamed of, but have now been able to integrate.

Sharing your stories is a wonderful way to assist others in getting to the place where you are on your journey. People need to know that they are not alone in their exploration of all aspects of themselves, and in sharing your stories, you will also be sharing your methods, your techniques for getting through the dark times, the times when you were not sure whether you would make it.

Many of you who are awake have felt suicidal at some point, and as sad as it may sound, that is a normal consequence of being awake. And so, letting others know that you’ve had that type of experience will help them to get through their own dark night of the soul. The awareness of who you have been in prior lifetimes, the negative thoughts and actions that you have all engaged in in this lifetime, these are the types of experiences that when shared, created a dialogue.

You want to demystify these types of experiences and remove the emotional and energetic charge that they have. People often feel imprisoned by their own thoughts and feelings, and because they feel they are the only ones having those thoughts and feelings, those individuals tend to shove all of that darkness down.

We are suggesting that you help others to make peace with what they encounter inside of themselves and that you do that through your blogs and your social media posts. You do that by talking to people in your lives, letting them know what you’ve experienced and how you got through it. This is an act of kindness and an act of service to the rest of humanity, and it is time to normalize these experiences for everyone so that you can let it go and get on with building the future, a better future for all of humankind.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Your Omnipresence ∞The 9D Arcturian Council - Daniel Scranton

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This transmission was originally posted on June 23, 2019.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have an awareness that allows us to be present with you and to be present with beings on other planets in other star systems at the same time, and we do not need to dilute our attention to either you or them or any of a number of other groups that we could be focusing on simultaneously. The reason we can do this is because we have the omnipresence, and we know that we have it. Now, you are just as much Source Energy Beings as we are, but you feel more localized in your physical bodies because you have been taught to identify with your physical bodies.

We no longer have physical bodies, which makes it a lot easier for us to recognize the truth of our omnipresence. However, you do not need to adhere to that belief that you are your physical body. You are consciousness, and your consciousness is aligned with the physical body that you know of as your body, but you do not have to only feel your consciousness in your physical body. We are not talking about having an out-of-body experience, and we are not talking about astral projection. We are talking about being centered in your physical body and reaching out to all other points on your planet. This is a good place to start because you are seeking to unify the human collective, and then the galaxy, and then the universe, and then re-emerge back into your complete Source Energy Consciousness.

And so, we suggest that you practice focusing within the center of your heart and then expanding out in all directions to fill every particle of every physical thing and person and animal and the entire planet itself. You are ready now to experience your omnipresence. You are ready to start giving yourselves a taste of what it is like to know that you are physical and Source Energy Beings at the same time, and this practice will help you in healing others from a distance. It will help you with manifestation. It will help you with knowing yourselves more as your fifth dimensional selves, and this is the name of the game for you at this time.

And it will continue to be the name of the game. It is all about expansion of consciousness now. As you wait for the rest of humanity to ready itself for the completion of the shift, you need to give yourselves more experiences like this one to feel more harmonized with where you are. You need to go beyond what physical reality seems to be offering you at this time, because there is so much more, and you need to have a taste of where you are going to stay interested enough to continue to be there now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


New Hybrid Races ∞The 9D Arcturian Council - Daniel Scranton

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This transmission was originally posted on June 22, 2019.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are taking ourselves and the other beings who are assisting you in your ascension into a new position. We are more connected to humanity through these transmissions and because of our intention to help you, and that has led us to this decision. We are more than just your supporters, teachers, and transmitters of unconditional love and high frequency energy. We are also now partnering with you on several new endeavors. When we use the pronoun ‘you’ in this context, we are talking about the human collective consciousness.

Some of you are aware of these collaborations, and others will not have such a conscious experience of these co-creative endeavors. Right now, we are establishing the types of beings that could potentially evolve from this partnership. In other words, you have your physical hybrid beings, and many of you know about them already. What we are talking about here are different hybrids than the ones you already know about. We are talking about hybridizing humanity with extra-terrestrial energies, even more so than what you already have inside of you.

We, along with a Pleiadian group here in the ninth dimension, and a Sirian one, are all working together to determine the right amount of e.t. consciousness and energy to hybridize with the human consciousness and the energy that makes up your physical body. It is an exciting endeavor, and your collective consciousness is of course on board. We cannot make something like this happen without full agreement.

The human race has always been on an upward spiral. You have heard us say numerous times that you are evolving and becoming more. You are also still defining and deciding what that will be. As you become your fifth dimensional selves, you will have lots of different opportunities, including the opportunity to merge more of your consciousness and your energy with beings like ourselves. Now, some of this happens through the act of channeling. The more you channel us, or other high frequency beings, the more of that energy then becomes who and what you are.

And this is occurring on physical and non-physical levels. So you can see people literally transforming before your eyes. And some of you are tuned in enough to notice this happening. Some of you are noticing more humans taking on e.t. characteristics, appearances, and consciousness, and from this point forward you are going to see more of it. This is happening because of your openness to us and to the other beings we have mentioned. This is a glorious time of coming together, and all of this serves to unite the galaxy, to make us all into one race, one consciousness, one collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Angels, Faeries & Other Helpers ∞The 9D Arcturian Council - Daniel Scranton

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This transmission was originally posted on June 21, 2019.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested and excited to follow the path of humanity as you bring yourselves into this next phase of the evolution of your consciousness. You are of course always making progress, but at certain times, there are opportunities for a greater amount of progress to be experienced by humanity, and now is one of those times. You are bound to see more and more individuals around you showing you just how much they are evolving and becoming their fifth dimensional higher selves. Even those who do not have the same language for what they are experiencing and coming to know are going to be having similar experiences to what you all have had and do have names for.

And so, as you lead humanity into this next phase on your evolutionary journey, please know that you are going to get even more assistance in being of service to those who are newly awakened. You are going to be aided by the angelic, and the energies that you receive from the angels will light you up more. You will stand out to those who are in need so they will know that it is a good idea to connect with you and ask you for help. You are also going to experience more excitement coming from the faerie realm, as that ground crew of sorts is able to influence the newly awakened as well.

They can give the newly awakened humans magical experiences that will help people understand more of this mystical and magical realm that you are entering into as you become fifth dimensional. So the faeries can give people a glimpse of what you are all moving towards, and the angels can support those like you who are meant to be leaders and guides to the rest of humanity. And of course, you know about the roles the dolphins and whales are playing in all of this, as well as your planet, your sun, and other celestial bodies and higher dimensional beings. It really is a group effort here.

We are all working together here in the higher realms, discussing and debating how exactly to wake up each individual who is still asleep. It is fun for us to contemplate the different methods that could be employed. And we know that you will have fun assisting them, as these awakenings become more and more regular and from people you would not expect to awaken. Lots of fun lies ahead of humanity, and we are very happy to be viewing it all from above.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Friday, 21 June 2019

The Divine Blueprint, Transgenderism & DF/DM Union - Round Table - Part 3 (Video)

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This video was published on June 20, 2019.

Video Intro (by Nicole Frolick):

Thank you for joining us in a very important discussion about topics relating the Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Timestamps of topics are: (4:40) Stereotypes vs the Divine Blueprint (27:10) Rites of Initiation/Passage - Boy to Man; Girl to Woman (40:30) Transgenderism & Gender as a Social Construct (1:18:00) Cultural Roles & Influence/Androgeny/Discovering your inherent nature (1:38:20 ) What shifts can you experience integrating your DF/DM (2:00:10) Words of Wisdom DM Video (Part 1): DF Video (Part 2): If you would like to learn more about: Justin Deschamps: Benjamin Stone: Michael Daniel: Rebecca Barfoot: Lisa Watson: Divine blessings and guidance to you all! If these videos have been a blessing to you and you would like to bless me, you may make donations via my PayPal. Paypal: Website:


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'The Human Filters' - Kryon Channelling Transcript # 159 (Totowa, New Jersey. Jun 27, 2015)

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Kryon's message is about what keeps us from seeing what is there. Why do we think the way we do? What is it that we cling to, no matter what?

It's a profound channel about the way things work for us, and a very revealing look into Human psychology.

Content Source/Owner: Lee Carroll,

Channelling Transcript #: 159

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This live channelling was given in Totowa, New Jersey
June 27, 2015

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Totowa, June 27, 2015.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There is so much to say that I can’t say. The reason that I cannot say is that there are no words – no words that would adequately express that which we feel for you. Group after group like yours we have talked about things that are so important, to us and to you, the meld between us the way we feel for you, the congratulations that we have for you. Dear ones, inside you the predominant thing that we see is us. There is God in you. Regardless of all other messages from all the rest – anyone channelling, reading, whatever – if they don’t tell you that there’s God in you, then walk the other way. The creation story of the planet says that there is God in you, the masters who walked the earth say there is God in you, all of them. This is the theme of the day and what you’re trying to do at this point is to connect. It is the reason, perhaps, that you would come to a channelling instead of another kind of a meeting – listening for the jewels from Spirit, the things that you would relate to, that which was love.


My partner steps aside during these times and we’ve used the words that he “takes his filters away” and I want to talk about that tonight because, dear ones, if there is anything that keeps you and I from joining as one and seeing the light of spirit in your heart, it’s your filters. I want to talk about what they are, why they are what they are, and also then why partner has been able to reduce them. We only do this for one reason. There’s an overwhelming desire for you to connect from our side. What do you think about God? What have you been told? You’ve been told that it’s some kind of judging parent perhaps? One that would dispense evil on you or that which would disturb you or hurt you or harm you or make you suffer? Can you see the humanism in that? Can you understand that it’s simply a copy of parenting, bad parenting? It’s not God, it’s the best you have to figure out God with your filter. And the filter is what you have which is Human and you apply all things to that and that’s not us. You come from the Creative Source built in the image of the Creator and that image is a metaphor for love. Every single Human has the capacity for love, every Human. Even the ones you would say it’s impossible, look at who they are, look at perhaps what they’ve done – I’m telling you that all of you are created equally in this way. You have the choice to follow the high road to God or not. That’s the duality that lives in each of you. To go into a dark place ,to talk about dark things, or to see the Creator in you, the light has always been this way and Humans are beginning to change.

I want to talk about your filters. If you are sitting here having difficulty believing that this is real, this is going to explain why. If you believe it’s real, but then you have difficulty believing some of the other things that I talk about, I’m going to explain why. There is no judgment that you are this way, dear Human Being. It’s only marveling that you’ve come so far with what you have. What I’m going to call filters is life experience. I’m going to segment it into five places or areas or categories, all of the above, because they’re concepts. I do not use the numbers idly for they all are metaphors of something else. Look up five in numerology, even the simplest of numerology, and you will see why I chose five. There are reasons behind the reasons and as we talk to you I want you to know and to understand this comes from the Central Source, the source of love with a hand extending to you right now saying we love you so much and we can discuss and talk about so much that we understand about you, so much.


The first filter is what we’re going to call growing up. It’s your social filter. As you grew up in your society, you learned about all of it. In the process of being a Human and growing up from small to large, you got lessons along the way of what to believe, what not to believe, how to survive, how others didn’t survive, what to watch out for, what to be careful of. You learned what makes you happy and sad, you developed that which you called your social personality. You learned about other Human Beings. Depending upon what you were, where you were born and what your parents did, you came and became one who was trusting or not trusting, one who questions everything or questions nothing. All of this is a filter. Now let us describe what we call the definition of a filter. If you’re looking at something pure, perhaps it is white light, the purest light that you can imagine, anything that you would put in front of that light that would diminish it, change it, alter it, or color it would be a filter. Growing up is a filter that makes you a certain way as a Human Being. And that particular certain way is what you deal with all your life. Now most of you are fully comfortable with this. It is you; it is your Human nature. It’s also in 3D. Growing up for you for now on this planet is completely and totally three dimensional and in survival mode and here you sit listening to a multidimensional message filled with light. How are you doing with your filter? Because this filter you grew up with would not necessarily tell you that this is accurate, believable or real. Some of you have had to deal with it, alter it, change it, but you’re still you. This is one of the biggest filters that a Human Being has, the most understandable filter that a Human Being has. Dear ones, have you ever met someone that is from a foreign land that is so different from yours that their filter is different? That which they do when they eat is different. The things that they have that they consider elegant etiquette is different. You might do things that would offend them and they would be shocked at, and it’s your normal. You get to see that their filter is different from yours, so you can see every single filter that you would have that you would call social or growing up is unique. Now there’s something that ties all of this together and we’re going to discuss it in a moment. That’s one of five. It taints what you see, what you believe, and what others tell you to believe. It is strong. If somebody wants to change it, it is threatening. It’s in place. Number one.


Number two moves around a bit. It is the spiritual filter. What have you been told about God? Who is God? How do you get to God? Can you speak to God? What is God? Do you believe in God? Is it possible there is a Creator of the Universe that knows your name? Some of you have been told there is a Creator of the Universe who is out to punish you if you don’t find out something obscure during your life. Everyone gets punished equally forever. Is that your God? It changes and the filter moves around as some of you then accept or deny that which you have been taught by others. Sometimes it’s actually a part of the first filter because it’s part of growing up. Your parents then take you to church or to a spiritual event and you own that as yours, because it is theirs. If the grown-up likes it, therefore, it must be all right until you find there is something better or more logical. Spiritual filters are sometimes unique to beliefs. How about yours? The spiritual filter you have is filled with your past, what you’ve done, what you have seen, what you have realized, and the changes that you’ve made that allow you to sit here and yet you still have a filter. What have you learned in metaphysics that’s correct and not correct? Dear ones, the Human mind is excellent at compartmentalizing everything and you have done that with God in your own way. You must set a boundary, you say of belief. Some of you still sit and wonder whether the transmission I’m giving you now, to use that word, is coming from the man or the other side of the veil. And then if it’s coming from the other side of the veil, is it totally accurate or is it filtered by him [Lee Carroll]? That’s your filter judging a filter. Your spiritual filter is important to you not in growing up but in life, for how you see the Creator then tempers how your life goes and what you will do. Are you fearful? Are you joyful? Do you believe the end of life creates another life or does it create punishment or judgment? It’s a strong filter for many, it’s no filter for some, which is still a filter. If you do not believe in the Creative Source, your filter then will not let one in if you see it. It’s a filter. That’s number two.

If you put the filters together, then they make that which you’re trying to see a little more difficult. Each filter dims the light that you would like to see that is pure, each one. If I give you a scenario you’ve never seen before, that you never had when growing up and it’s outside of the box of your spirituality, what will your two filters do? They’ll be in place, strongly in place, you’ll be holding them with both hands so that you don’t get a surprise. This is Human nature, protecting your filter. It is part of what you think it is – your mind – and I’ll tell you why in a moment.


The next one, believe it or not, is very important and it’s your gender filter. Each of you acts a certain way, behaves a certain way, in certain company because of who you are and your gender. The model of your gender, what did your mother tell you about what a woman should be like? You either honored it and did it or rebelled and didn’t, but it made an effect. And the gender that you are, if it is perhaps a woman, you are ladylike or not depending upon that filter’s position, but you still are very aware and act a certain way as a woman. A man has the same kind of thing. What did your father tell you, sir, of what a real man does? And there would be those who would say a real man is one who will never back down in an argument or a real man is one who has compassion for all. Two different kinds of instructions, two different filters that tell you who you are as a male. The gender filter is a strong one. It defines you with other genders. You have camaraderie with your same gender because you’ve been told the same thing and you relax within it. Perhaps you are uncomfortable being with those around you that are not your gender. And if you are, your filter is on overdrive. It’s working the puzzle because you’re not that gender. It’s a strong one. What does it bring to the light, you might ask. What does your gender have to do with looking at pure, white light, which may be the Creative Source? How would you then interpret it differently as a man or a woman, and do you? And the answer is oh yeah, you really do! The male gender filter will be less receptive to that which is gentle compared to the female gender filter. And the Creative Source of all things is the most gentle, benevolent, easy love. Easy meaning it flows, you don’t have to snatch it, you don’t have to ask for it, you don’t have to push, it flows into you if you let it. Sometimes the male gender filter will say no. It’s got to be different before I am interested. The man you look at [Lee Carroll] was a tough nut to crack for he had the male filter that said I’m not crying on your terms. I will not weep. And we showed him how different he was. We showed him that weeping could be a joy of finding truth and when he realized that, everything his father told him about what happens when a man cries went out the window and he realigned his filter. But the gender filter was one of the most difficult with him.

Women, you have your own issues when it comes to gender filters and one of them, believe it or not, is that God is always or seems to be a male. That is a filter that you must get around. How do you feel when you go into an organized religious structure where there are all males and you confess your deepest thoughts to a male called father? That’s a filter. Would you say the same things in confession to a woman? Better still, what if there was no intermedia at all and you were simply talking to spirit directly? The filter then is applied when you talk to a Human about God, but not when you talk to God about God. That’s a filter. That was number three.


It’s hard to know which ones are the most profound depending upon who you are, how you were then raised, and what we would call your propensity for life. Here is one that you may or may not have, but all of you have one specific (but some strong and some weak) and that is called the logic filter. It must make sense for even those of you who would not consider yourself scientific or logical. It still must make sense for you to participate. There is logic in all decisions based on survival. There is logic in some decisions based upon the other filters. The logic filter sits on top of them, weighing on all the ones beneath, and makes a decision of real or not real based upon the logic of the day. Your logic filter is limited. You can only judge logic by what logic you have seen to be logical. If you have never seen something, you cannot then judge whether it is logical or not for there has been no experience to put into the pile of computation, but it’s still a filter. It may be a struggling filter of logic, but it’s still there. The logic filter wants to weigh common sense to what you are presented in front of you. If someone tries to sell you something, for instance the Brooklyn Bridge, your logic filter will laugh in their face for you know better. They don’t own it, and anyway you couldn’t afford it. That’s your logic filter. You dismiss it easily and then you move on your way. A man sits in the chair and channels; what does your logic filter do? Many will cast it out completely, automatically, as though I offered you the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s not possible, it’s not in the realm of doability. It’s a big one based upon your survival instincts. What do you do with your logic filter when I channel? It sits on top of all of them. It’s number four. How dark is that light getting that it’s the end of the filters? Now there are four stacked together and they modify one another and I’m not even done.


Number five, not all of you have, but many of you do and professionals all do because it’s called the professional filter. What have you learned? What have you learned about the reality of physics, science, chemistry, mathematics, history, anthropology, biology? Are you a doctor, for instance, that is medical? Are you one who is steeped in legalities and knows how the world works and the rules thereof? What is your profession that would become a filter that would get in the way of seeing the light of the Creator because everything you’ve learned has to be put aside for this to be real. The professional filter works very, very well with the first one called growing up. And the reason for that is that you do not want to be the fool. The fool does not survive. The fool gets chased down by those around him and cast out. You don’t want to be a fool. The first filter of growing up and social behavior comes into play in the last filter of professionalism, for if you’ve learned things a certain way and you even think for a moment that all this is real, you flash back to what people will think of you in that filter, which is growing up. It’s there. It’s complex. If you’re a physicist and I tell you, “You are wrong,” your laws of the Universe are incomplete. There is something within you, even though you sit in this meeting right now, that twitches because we have just said you’re wrong and you spent all of your life trying your best to figure everything out. We don’t have the heart to tell you how wrong you are and only discovery will show that, and that’s going to be alright because Humans didn’t. You can have a discovery that’s going to put everything you learned on the table and start over and you’ll celebrate it, especially if you are part of the discovery team. That’s a filter you can rewrite yourself automatically. But when it comes to me rewriting it, that’s different. That’s a filter. Now you’ve got five.

Imagine looking at the bright light of the Creative Source with physics you don’t know anything about and spirituality you cannot comprehend with a depth and integrity and finesse that you cannot even conceive of with love for your soul. Put all five filters in front of you and you even wonder if there is a light at all. Am I getting through to you the difficulty that the Human Being has if they do nothing?


And now I will tell you why they are important. Every single filter that you have, from growing up to being a professional and learning science, or whatever it is has been brought to you by a Human Being that you trust. Sometimes it’s a parent, a mother, a sister who teaches you the way of life. They’re your mentor, your mold, your model and you love them. And if along the way there is someone who tells you it is different than they said it was, it is an insult to the one you loved and probably don’t have around anymore. Do you understand the emotion of change? Your filter is cemented in place by love and admiration for those around you who taught you and gave it to you the best they could. What an oxymoron this is, that the filter cemented by the love of those around you who gave you what you had has to be put aside for the love of God. If you only knew that they were all tied together, that there was a confluence of a system of taking the filters out of the way just so you could see the light so perfectly and yet all of them work together. Would you do it? Some of you are doing it. May the listener understand this as it is given to you.

My partner had severe filters. As an engineer, he had learned things a certain way – professionally. And growing up, he gained a big filter of spirituality being raised in an organized religion. The walls had to be removed, and yet he was taught that by a loving source and he thought it was right. What do you do with a filter like that? How can you then take it aside, even for a moment? What do you do there? I want to tell you what he discovered and I want you to listen and some of you will understand it and get it and some of you won’t. It doesn’t matter what you were taught, dear one, it really doesn’t. The people who taught it to you, whether it was your parents or your friends or your teachers or your loved ones, many of them are gone now and I want you to know what they are doing. They are right here in this room looking at you, telling you there’s more than they knew. There’s more than they ever could know and they did their best, but listen because they want to give you new filters. The truth is as it is from the other side of the veil from those who have passed and gave you what you got. The confluence of energy that will make the filter transparent, even for a moment so that you can see the light and understand, is love. When my partner sat in the chair the first time, we said nothing. He didn’t hear voices. There was no channelling; he would have run the other way. We gave him love and he wept. It was the great equalizer. The first filter of logic was dismissed completely and totally through love. Everything he thought was not possible by sitting in the chair and assuming that he could then connect to the other side of the veil was against everything he was taught in his religious box and it faded away in an instant when our arms went around him and he cried and it felt good even though he was surprised, shocked, even angered by something because he was out of control. He’s got another filter called control; that’s his, not yours. And he did it again. He sat in the chair again and again and again. He sits in it now and the same love he felt there he feels now. He’s not with you right now, he’s somewhere else listening. He’s in a place that we have described before that is so beautiful. He’s tethered so he cannot go to the light. That will give you an idea of where he is. That’s what we showed him when he sat in the chair – who he is, the light of God that’s inside him, and all of a sudden the filters started to be transparent and it didn’t matter what he was taught. He saw the big picture.

Human Beings need to have a timeframe where they can heal the filters, make them transparent, rearrange them, and rewrite them by constant repetition, perhaps like he did in the chair. It’s tough to take a filter called growing up and change it instantly to rewrite everything you’ve ever known. It doesn’t happen that way; it happens gradually. Each one of you in the room and listening to this has their own filter set that will then be rewritten gradually if you choose. The filters are interactive; one affects the other and as soon as you are then able to rewrite one, for instance the logic one, the spiritual one, the others you start to understand better. Well, this can change if this changes, well maybe this wasn’t exactly right.


I want to tell you about the big filter, the one we have for you – the love filter. It starts to give you an impression of compassion when you start to understand that those who taught you what they know gave you the best they could and if you know something more than they did, it doesn’t make them wrong. In fact, they’re celebrating the fact that you figured it out, more than they did. Whether it’s a teacher in school that gave you science, which has been usurped by greater science, or whether it’s a pastor in a church who introduced the love of God to you, whether it was your mother or your father that told you the way things were and you learned differently. The overall filter of love gives you compassion for them. You don’t feel you’re insulting them to move ahead. It’s called wisdom. The filters will clear slowly by themselves. Sometimes they’ll clear more than other times. When you meditate or when you’re here perhaps in a group where others are working with you and I am here in this state, the filter will open up and you’ll have an aha that you might not get at home for a while. The more you work with these, the more you apply the common sense of God to them all, and the more you ask for clarity and discernment, and the clearer they become. And then when you are clear, you still have your personality, but it’s not the one when you were growing up. It’s the one you chose now in wisdom. The gender that you are, male or female, is not what you were told it should be, but it then takes on its own life what you chose, what a woman does or is like or a man is like who is in love with themselves. It’s not what your parents told you or what Emily Post told you, but what you told you by connecting to the source of love. You’re creating a filter that is new on the planet. The compassionate Human, the new Human. That’s who you are. The spiritual filter is one you are opening and realizing and creating all by yourself, not from what you were told. You’re going to throw away everything that anyone ever told you and create your own by current spiritual feelings and events, by a new energy on the planet that was never there when you started. Professional, no matter what you’ve learned, your wisdom says you don’t know what you don’t know. There are better ways of doing the things that you have learned in all sciences, even legal – better ways than you know that are coming that are going to make more sense to you personally, the country, the earth. Systems are coming. You’ll slap your head someday and say why didn’t we do this earlier, what were we thinking because you don’t know what you don’t know. The filter of intelligence is starting to move along with wisdom, all things that will embrace the light and not dim it.

Dear ones. we have used metaphors tonight, too many of them. We’ve given you things to think about. I’m asking you where you are in the filter scenario. What is it that you won’t let go of and why? Why are you hanging on to certain things when perhaps those who gave you those certain things are even here in an esoteric way looking at you and saying, “Listen, it’s okay.” The love of God is here. All that matters right now is your connection to Spirit. It’s going to give you the discernment you want. It’s going to give you longer life, a peaceful life, a self-balancing countenance. Puzzles will be solved.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity and now you know why. Magnificent in all things.

And so it is.



Co-Creating New Worlds ∞The 9D Arcturian Council - Daniel Scranton

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This transmission was posted on June 20, 2019.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken much that we have received from humanity and have been able to co-create new worlds, star systems, and even galaxies with that information that you have all provided. You see, you are doing so much more than just living your lives in this lifetime. You are always in the process of creating, and everything that you are creating is more expansive than what you are currently living. We want you to know how powerful you are, especially when you align yourselves with high-frequency beings like ourselves.

We love co-creating, and we particularly enjoy the process of discovering what it is that you all want to live. We also want you to know that what you are co-creating with us and others will be enjoyed by other beings. You are not just creating your own future experiences and realities. You are doing so for entire collectives. This is exciting. This is something for you to feel proud of. You are the ones who have the most intense feelings. You are the ones who have the deepest desires. You are the ones generating the majority of the energy in this galaxy, and all of that energy has to go somewhere.

You are only experiencing a fraction of what you create right now, but of course, there will be more coming in the future. And you will be creating more consciously all that you want to experience. You will even have the opportunity to create worlds, star systems, and galaxies. That all may seem a bit daunting to you from where you are right now, but trust us when we say that it all lines up perfectly.

Everything that you need will find its way to you, and it is our desire to see you welcoming that which you’ve summoned with open arms. In the meantime, we will continue to co-create with you that which is a bit out of reach for you right now, but it is all something for you to be proud of and to look forward to. We know that much of what we are sharing right now seems like it is far off in the very distant future for you, but it is not. Things are changing rapidly and will continue on that pace as you continue on in your ascension journeys.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”